anybody know about selling a bike in vietnam?

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  1. been offered quite a bit of money for my "crotch rocket" 150 nsr here in vietnam. anybody know if i could get away with selling it then "accidently" losing my customs sheet and leaving the country without reporting the sale? any advice is greatly appreciated. drop me an email at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Donnie
    My guess is nothing would happen, if you depart by air, or from another border crossing to the one you went in at, as the Viets should be like the Thais & the computers are not that well linked.
    But I'm not a Vietnam expert - Jimoi is the best one there.
    Is there anything in your passport to indicate that you took the bike in?

    Another complication is that when you took the bike out of Thailand you would have filled in a temporary export permit, that specified you were bringing the bike back into Thailand. On this form there will be a penalty specified for not complying with that condition. Again this should not be a problem, but one day it could come back and bite you if you want to export / import another bike and it is in the computer.

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  3. i asked the guy in thailand when i got my temporary export form what should i do if the bike is stolen or totalled. he said just lose the form and don't say anything when i come back to thailand. is the thailand plate worth anything back in thailand if i get rid of the bike? can it be used on another bike that doesn't have a plate?

    just did a big clockwise loop out of hanoi, hitting sapa, bac ha, ba be national park, and heading back to hanoi tomorrow. will give road report on that later, it's my birthday and i'm getting drunk.
  4. Don,

    Hope you enjoyed the loop and it wasn't too foggy up around Sa Pa and Bac Ha.

    If the customs sheet is the little yellow slip then the customs officials should have no way of knowing you entered on a bike that you've since sold. You will probably be fined for "losing" the yellow slip but the fine should be less than $20. Again this will depend on how you choose to leave VN.

    Best of luck,

  5. yeah, the bike is on the little yellow sheet, but not on the passport, thanks for the help. what did you mean by "how i leave vietnam"?
  6. Two of us are doing roughly the same route as you in a weeks time. I would be interested to know what the weather was like up north as we are guessing a bit. Good luck selling the bike.

  7. Big risk you can be charged the import tax which is 300% of the book price NEW NOT USED. You should have been told that when you brought the bike in. Its not that backward and all the immigration department are computerised. I would reckon you would get caught!!

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