Anyone familar with Saigon Scooters?

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by deepcdiver, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    I am looking to rent or buy a Minsk in HCMC to drop off in Hanoi. I found Saigon Scooters has a website and rents Minks for $10/day or $180/month and the bike can be left in Hanoi or most other major VN city.

    Has anyone used Saigon Scooters or seen their bikes? Anyone know of another option?

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  3. roblaan

    roblaan Member

    I'm not familiar with Saigon Scooters but I heard that Cuong, bike rental with good reputation, has a brother in HCMC with a bike rental too. Seems you can rent a bike there and leave it in Hanoi and v.v. Check out the website
    Good luck
  4. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    Saigon Scooters might be Cuong's brother, or Cuong's connection at any rate, in HCMC. I emailed Saigon Scooters a couple times for info and they informed me their bikes are dropped off at Cuong's in Hanoi and I would receive my deposit back from Cuong late the same day, or the very next day, after inspection.

    Sounds like the way to go, I would prefer to see the bike before paying a deposit rather than getting one shipped south by rail sight unseen. Hopefully the bikes are comparable mechanically. Will let you all know!
  5. matt14

    matt14 Member

    Pats a good friend of mine, bit of a wild man but can sort you out with whatever you need. Check out his website or ring him or Ash direct on the numbers below, best try to catch him after or before the weekend, which is usually a wednesday, he tends to get a bit messy!!!

    Contact us : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Ash: 0913601294 or Pat: 0903013690
  6. kkearins

    kkearins New Member

    We contacted Cuong's brother in HCM and he had very little to offer, you need to have the bikes sent in advance from Cuong in Hanoi. We also met the guys in Saigon Scooters and they seemed a good crew. They have many Minsk's in their workshop but as for their condition you would have to check them out yourself.
    If you have lots of time you can look around at the backpacker area in HCM and check the hotels/B&B for someone selling a bike.
    We will be selling our Minsks about the 26 Jan when we back to HCM.
  7. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    Too bad you will not be back with your bikes a week earlier :(

    Have been corresponding with Ash, asked him to reserve a Minsk and if that is not possible to let me know ASAP if they are booked out so I can have Cuong or Hung ship one south...
  8. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    Picked up a Minsk from Saigon Scooter Centre...the bikes were not "ready to go", but Ashe is great and had me sorted out, new rear tire mounted, head bearings adjusted, saddlebags/tools/parts, Minsk guide.

    Be advised it is a wretched machine :) DO NOT overtighten the petcock filter catch bowl and break off the stud like I did in Nha Trang, cheap pot metal. Had it tapped further and the bowl cut down accordingly, 30 min, 20,000 Dong, at a Cub place.

    Be advised the Minsk Club manual mecahnic address are out of date, the guy in Nha Trang retired, no parts avaiable south of Hoi An excedpt HCMC. The Hoi An mecahnic is now dricving a taxi but a young guy took over on another street.

    Personally, I would not get a Minsk unless solely touring the boonies north of Hanoi (which i will be next week).

    Plenty of Taiwan made Sun motorctycles, model "Bonus" with real brakes, handling, and some comfort, parts availability quite good and available used for $400 US.

    Currently Hoi An and heading north....
  9. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Hey Dive, keep the posts com'n, thank's M8...Scott

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