Anyone for one last trip south before rainy season?

Discussion in 'N.E. Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by Ricohoc, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. After Songkran, I'm interested in taking a trip south from UTH, stay overnight in Korat, go on to BKK and Pattaya for a couple of days and then head back. Itinerary is open.

    Looking for like-minded riders who aren't in a hurry and just go with the flow. I'm one of those guys who thinks a good ride is everything and anything good beyond the good safe ride is lagniappe!

    Holler if you're interested!

  2. Maybe interested, am in Loei recovering from damage ankle courtesy Laos one week ago. Hopefully ok after Songkran. Sounds itinerary flexible so stay in touch. WTF is lagniappe.


  3. Stay in touch, Gary! Hope the ankle heals well!

    "lagniappe" (LAHN-yahp): is French for 'extra'! I'm not French or even attempt to speak it, but after living in South Louisiana near New Orleans for a few decades, stuff rubs off.

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