Anyone in Pia / Chiang Ria area - weather report pls

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  1. Having spent a week in Chiang Mia and environs enduring the choking pollution - we're moving on up north.

    Is anyone on this board actually IN Pia or Chiang Ria and can give a report on the pollution up there please - it's chronic here in Chiang Mia at the moment. Vis in the morning down to 1km from our hotel room.

    Off 2 see the ellies in Mae Sa this morning

    Give us a toot if you see us (2 up on a blue Honda Wave + trailer)


    Nigel and Frances
  2. Hey man its worst at Chiang Rai you need to go south to experience reduced air pollution.
  3. Same same everywhere.
    How'd you go sorting out your trailer?
    Plus, how's your trip going so far - any info 'n tips to share as you go?
  4. In Pai, can't see sh!t
  5. In ChiangRai area today - very hazy. In some places could hardly see across fields for smoke/haze. Similar in MaeChan & ChiangSaen areas. Made my eyes watery & sore! In ChiangKhong on Sunday & pretty grim in some places.
  6. In Mae Hong Song now. Same, if not worse here than in Pai.

    Thinking of heading down to Mae Sot / Sukhothai.
    Anyone there, is it just as bad?

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