Anyone in the UK or with relatives there.

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  1. I hope this is of use to someone at least. From the UK you can ring Thailand very cheaply by using a prefix number. There are lots to be found now, but this one is 0.05p per minute, mobiles included.

    The Number is 08442009898............and NO I don't make any money out of it! Just to clarify this is half a pence per minute NOT 5p so....0.05p
  2. 0844 that's Thame and Haddenham. ...and they say its a small world.

    Could that be the Thai Pub in Thame?
  3. Hi Friends,

    Just for your information, the French Internet Provider "FREE" togetherwith the High Speed Internet Subscription allows you to call for free in more than 70 countries including Thailand.

    Of course my wife and children spend hours over the phone to discuss how to cook the best Thai foods or to play games with their cousins....
  4. I use a prepaid ''Icard'' to call Thailand from YUK at 1p a minute.
  5. from RichardG:

    hey dad, ive tried and it wont let me get through, it just tells me to call another number, but when i try it it just says number error?!

    using his UK mobile
  6. Sorry for any inconvenience. The orioginal number doesn't seem to work (today at least) I have changed the number in my original post to 0844 200 98 98. It works, I just checked it.
  7. Thanks Robin I'll pass it on to the nipper and let you know how he gets on.
    Hopefully no more excuses of running out of phone money!
  8. No wonder my parents never answer!!
  9. Just to say thanks Robin.
    It really works - got a call from the lad tonight and it was crystal clear.
    Much appreciated and highly recommended.
  10. Another number for those interested is 0844 200 15 15 this too is half a P a Minute from UK to Thailand, landline or Mobile both the same. The original number is still good too.

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