anyone interested in teaming up for a ride?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by aidy, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. i'm planning a trip (or trips) on a bike up north from chang mai in the last two weeks of feb. is anyone up for teaming up? i hear its not too clever to go on your own.
    not too fussy about routes yet allthough i prefer difficult dirt roads.
    i've ridden from the himilaya to goa on an enfield so i'm used to suicidal drivers and challenging rides....

    lardy limey
  2. hi lardy limey, i should be going back out to chiang mai in late january/feb so will be up to teaming up with folks for rides, chaseing ladies and the odd beverage,get in touch, plus you still in the uk,if so you will no how mutch the weather sucks at the moment, roll on next year,laters marcus.

    marcus ackerman
  3. hi marcus
    wot are you on about? british weathers great, where else in the world can you have two days of rain bringing flood warnings but still have a hosepipe ban!!
    you say your heading back to chiang mai so i presume you've done it before which would prove extremely useful.i'm bringing my helmet, the guide book and some maps. thats it, so everything else will need sorting out.
    i'm planning to do a reki of chiang mai jan18?? (with bird in tow) then return (with a nicely prepped bike waiting...) feb 15? for a couple of weeks of beer, biking and generally misbehaving.
    p.s i've just bought an xr6, know anyone that wants to buy a honda cre250 (1997 dead fast road legal enduro bike based on a cr) for 2k?

    chat soon limey

    lardy limey
  4. hi aidy,give me a bell on 07966528401, after 6pm one night and will give you the run down on chiang mai,plus hows oxford, lived near john radcliffe hospital on litle clarendon street many years ago! marcus

    marcus ackerman
  5. aidy, tell me more about your bike for sale and will pass the word on plus if you no anyone after a fazer! my fzs1000, blue,2001,y reg,fsh,alarm/datatag etc is up for grabs at £4200. marcus 07966528401

    marcus ackerman
  6. Hi Guys.
    I will be ariving at Bangkok on Feb 13th, I return to UK departing Bangkok on March 2nd.
    I will be leaving UK on thursday 5th Dec (in 2 days)cos Wife and I are off to New Zealand for Christmas with my daughter. I am stopping off in Brisbane to do some crazy desert biking on modified Yamaha Superteneresin early Feb, then going on to Bangkok. The dates coincide nicely with yours, so it sounds like a good idea to get together. Unless you respond quickly you will have to use my web-mail, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]. I don't know when I will pick up mails on that address next, but will reply asaposs.

  7. hi ted your dates work out bloody well so thats 3 of us!
    have fun in the desert, i'm riding to morroco on my xr6 the end of next year so you can tell me how to race the dunes properly....

    lardy limey
  8. only a couple of days to go now and i'm shitting myself. still haven't got any malaria tablets and i've got two cars to sell and a mortgage to sort before i go....
    going to be in bangkok feb 13,14,15 then up to c.m.
    if you need to contact me try [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or leave a message on this site. its not worth arranging a meeting point because i don't know anywhere and i'm usually late anyway!
    see you in a few weeks

    lardy limey
  9. Hi guys,

    If you haven't seen it yet, look at the "Other New Year's Ride" topic. There are a few of us headed up to Soppong from Chiang Mai on Feb 21st for Lisu New Year if you are interested.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  10. that sounds quite cool, i'll have to think about it. thing is that i need to be back in c.m by feb 27th really.
    i'm in c.m at the moment for a few days, i'm staying at eagle house 2 which is where i'll be returning to on feb 14th. its just round the corner from the irish (?) pub. its really friendly and not expensive.
    seen quite a few bikers around and the roads look fun. can't wait to get back!

    lardy limey
  11. Aidy
    The Lisu new year ride is Jan 21-22-23-24.
    Check it out again. Feb was a typo from Dave Silverhawk, I think.

    Keep the power on
  12. cheers david
    unfortunately that makes it even worse for me as my girlfriend's in tow!
    (not sure she would appreciate me disappearing for a few days...)
    i've just been across the road for a few beers and found a place called pai enduro. i like a bit of off roading and was wondering if you knew much about them?
    i've been to leks to look at the bikes (unfortunately all out) and think i might go for the africa twin (tempted with the tdm 850 but i think the africa's a bit more robust) unfortunately he won't take a deposit to keep it so i really hope its still there when i come back in a month. be a shame to hang around bikeless!
    looking forward to having a beer with you, if i can drag me bird away from elephant rides and market stalls!

    lardy limey
  13. Lardy Limey
    In Pai, you lucky man.
    You MUST have a beer with Pookie & Noi at Baan Pai, opposite Pai Enduro, plus say hello to Pookie's Mum!!!!
    Hit the Be Bop tonight for me.
    Otherwise see ya on the road soon then?

    Keep the power on
  14. What!!!!! You mean it's not February yet????? (Sorry).

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  15. hi guys i'll make it quick cos i'm pissed.
    ted99 i haven't heard from you so i'm thinkin your a dreamer or you haven't got your arse in gear.
    marcus, i know what your up to and i'll see you soon.
    i've dumped the tenere cos my toe started bleedin (bloody yamaha boxes, never a neutral till your half way round a corner...)
    got a much nicer bike now and as i've done 350 miles around c.m i'm going oop north.
    leave a message if your up for a ride (that goes for anyone) i'm gonna be based in chiang rai/fang for a few days.
    lastly i'd like to say cheers to david. not only for opening me up to the world of fun thats to be had on a bike up here (via this web site) but also for being an honest good bloke to share a few beers with!
    see you on the road!

    lardy limey
  16. I get to CM about 23 March if anyone is up for some offroad or maybe a trip into Laos, will be aroud for two/three weeks. Cheers, Andy
  17. Hi Guys.
    With reference to my post in November.
    I am real sorry I couldn't make it to Chiang Mai on this trip.
    I got back home yesterday after a 3 monthe trip. I got so heavily delayed in New Zealnd I had to miss Thailand and come straight back to UK from Brisbane.
    The trip was great apart from getting the most unbelievably wet weather everywhere I went (except Br9isbane)
    I did some good riding . 9500km in New Zealand, much of it on trails in the most remote parts of South Island.I finished up buying a Yam XT600 which was absolutely perfect for the terrain and conditions.
    In fact if anyone wants to move on and ride New Zealand I have left it with my Daughter to sell for me in North Island. Renting was too expensive for 2 months.
    I hope you had or are having a good trip.

  18. Hi --

    I'm in Chianmai and thinking about taking a few weeks and working across N Thailand over to Laos and then down through Laos and Cambodia, and then maybe back across south Thailand and over to Hua Hin. I'm flexible on times and routes, but leaving around mid April would probably be best for me. Anybody interested in teaming up?

    I know it's getting hot, but I'm thinking we could start off each day in the morning when it's cool, and stop when it gets too hot. Then maybe look around a little when it cools off around 5 or 6 pm, and then start over the next morning. Anyone interested?


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