Anyone know an earles type fork builder for a big hack?

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  1. venividivici

    venividivici New Member

    I everyone,
    To cut a long story short, we've been traveling (me and my girlfriend) on a BMW side car, for a little while. The K100 was solo from france to Kazakhstan, and the hack was artisanally built in Kazakhstan.
    Now, the plan is to keep on going with it, for at least a couple of years (one year for America, one year for Africa). The thing is, that the original fork is (i) a pain (ii) pretty much dead and leaking oil from almost every part of it (iii) uneasy to handle. The idea is therefore to build a proper earles type fork. Question therefore:
    -> Does anyone know anyone capable of doing it (that means, who has already done that kind of thing)?
    Our worry is that, wherever we'd do it, we would not have too much time to try it around (that is: we won't be testing it for a thousand kilometers). So we need a trustful person for that (sorry about being so careful and perhaps a bit choosy, but we've recently had a major mechanical issue because of some work done on the side car). And we still have about 80.000 km to go before going back to france...
    We should be back in thailant from Cambodia in about a week, and can stay in thailand no more than a month.
    So, is anyone up for the job?
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    Take care
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  3. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    You say big side car. any pictures. if it was a lighter rig you could think about converting it into a leaning rig therefore you would not need the earles front and it would handle like a bike. I'm looking into that for my bike. I'm thinking of utilizing the tiger retro side car.
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    In Chiang Mai Joe from "Joe's Bike Shop" has built a Number of Leading Axle Front Ends for Side Cars, Also the Complete Sidecar Units on a few Occasions! He is very Skilled and at a reasonable Cost!!! I am not sure how much Time You have but You could call Him and ask on: 0810336937 . Sorry I don't have any Email for Him?
  5. venividivici

    venividivici New Member

    I don't have pictures with me here, but you can have a look here

    [youtube:16hqn8h0] /youtube:16hqn8h0]
    A leaning side car will not be an option (and a side car is not supposed to lean! that is by far couter intuitive! :lol-sign: )

    I've heard of him when I was in Chiang Mai about a month ago. I've been told he was a busy man though. I'll try to give him a call when we get to thaïland, but if anyone has his e-mail address (or if you're on this forum, Joe, please let me know!)

    Thanks for your answers anyway, and if anyone else has some kind of answer to my question, please let me know!
  6. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    Vincent. as you probably know its the bike that leans. but i know what you mean :thumbup:
    I may talk to Joe myself about my project. Good luck and post some pictures of the new fork when ya get it done.
  7. venividivici

    venividivici New Member

    Yep, I know... english mistake, sorry about that :oops: (in french, we call "side car" - or seed car - the whole thing, and i tend to get confused between "hack" "rig" "side car" and so on...
    I try to contact him within a week by phone, earlier if I get his e-mail (because our plans depend on him being in Chiang Mai, and free to do some work, when we get there). If you plan to do some work there, we might see each other :thumbup:

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