Anyone know where I can get a Jack Russell pup?

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  1. Over here at our farm in Mae Sai we have rats and as good a watch dog as mine is he is not a rat killer and the best dog for it is the good old small Jack Russell so anyone know where to get one ?
  2. Not sure where to get one. I was looking a while back and they don't seem to be that easy to get a hold of. Maybe you could ask here?
    There was a breeder in Bangkok but seem to have lost the details. I was looking for a Jack Russell or a Rat Terrier but have resorted to using rat glue when I go away. If you can find one I would be interested where.
  3. Thank Tubber I will get the Misses to post on that face book page and see what happens :thumbup:
  4. There were at least 2 J.R. breeders in Thailand just private number I kept is 0817081722 selling one for 6500 baht in Bangkok a few months back, she may be able to provide information.......Stay away from people selling from Malaysia its just a scam for money up front.......let me know how you go!.............................
    I found (old dealfish best for pets in Thailand)...............but I still have no dog so good luck.
  5. Thanks kenyam got the wife to call that number and the lady had one pup left 4months old price 6000B + 500 to fly it up to Chiang Rai little fella will be here Thursday :p
    Not sure when there will be more I will ask the wife to find out.
  6. Hi,

    Just saw your post and was intrigued.
    We have three JR and they are great. Well the 7 year old blind one isn't so hot at the rat catching but the 2 three year old brothers will go for anything.
    A word of warning if I may. The 2 youngsters came up from BK and within a month they'd got various bugs and ailments. They then picked up Canine Distemper.
    An excellent Vet in CR ( Aus trained) came to the rescue and, against all the odds, they both pulled through.
    The Vet explained that pups bought up from down south often fall to disease and infection in the north.
    Good luck mate, they're great little friends.
  7. Thanks for that being on a farm and you may well be right.
    So far he has had a chew on one of the wife's shoes 'not good but he is still a puppy and very much likes to be held ' but was under my feet all day I am still tring to fininsh our new bathroom.
    Our young one 2 years has come back tonight from Grandmas place loves him but the pup not so keen kids to ruff with him.
    The lady we got the little fella of said she would give us a call when there are more pups when it happens I will post it for anyone that might like one.
    By the way it was 7000 B all up with air fare as well.
  8. If you could be so kind to pass the name and address of this vet to me that would cool.
  9. Will do. I'll get on to it tomorrow.
  10. Here you go;

    There is one located roughly here at the green arrow marker-
    Grid coordinates are 19.89842 and 99.82313

    Mobile phone- 084-611-8545
    Land line phone- 053-756-3945
    Fax- 053-756-395
  11. Thanks for that Geoff.
  12. Thanks for the info on the vet Geoff found them yesterday. The pup had a check up and the first of his shots 3 in all over the next 2 months. They have a very nice practice set up and made us feel very welcome. :p
  13. Hi Mudboots, what about a photo or two ? I think you would be surprised of how many bikers also have some loving pets !!
    Anyway have fun with your little one. Got ourselves also a nice little Labrador mixture early this May, as it turns out she's developed into a real queen or better, a real "empress" already. Gina's most important things are: water, playing, cuddling and FOOOOOOOOOOD.

    From this in the middle of May:

    She developed to this:
  14. Sorry been busy the last few days.
    Seems like I have started something of a pet Thread maybe Admin can make a spot somewhere on GT Rider for bikers pets hahaha
    Here's my new jack Russell pup named Vip It was his name and everyone seems to say it okay so that's his name :D
    Second pic is of both Vip and Pooky.<img src="" url].

    <img src=""
  15. Hi Mudboots
    Must be a Thai version of a Jack Russell. My understanding is that they are generally white with black/tan markings.
    I've had one who will be 17 in January. They can live to 25 so they are a long term friend.
    Loves the bike. Loves fishing. Loves camping. Real personality dog.
    Just had the lower inside front toe surgically removed as it had a growth.
    After the stitches were taken out, before taking her home they sprayed some stuff to stock her licking the wound. After she finished licking that off......
    I use a Mac, for the life of me I can't figure out how to post pics, otherwise I would.
  16. He dos have one tan spot around his right ear and small black spots on his belly.

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