Anyone on the bike Friday 8 July along the Eastern Seaboard?

Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forum' started by Changnoi1, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I am planning to leave tomorrow very early to make a day-trip to/near Chantaburi.

    Kai Yang at the beach near Ban Phe?

    Chang Noi
  2. Well did see only 1 Thai guy on his big HD driving slow and making a a polite wai (with 2 hands) when greeted him when passing!

    But it was a great trip. I started again at the 331 in direction of Satthahip and then Route 3 to Rayong and after Rayong following the coastline up to Kleang and then in direction of Khao Chamao where I did "find" a beautiful lake with a small sala to sit and relax. I have way-points and 2 kmz-track files but how do I upload them?

    Chang Noi

    Attached files 269627=4186-BoatHouse. 269627=4187-HatMaeRumpheaung. 269627=4188-Rayong-Ghosts. 269627=4189-Rayongharbour. 269627=4190-ViewPoint1.
  3. Hi Changnoi1 let me know next time you are up for a ride. I'm going away for the rest of this week. After that I've got another 4 weeks off work. I'm in Ban Chang so Eastern seaboard trips are good for me. My rides are a Vespa 300 GTS SS and a ER6n.
  4. Nice combi the Vespa and ER6N .... maybe see you at the beach of Ban Chang (there is a nice restaurant at one of the beaches there).

    Chang Noi

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