Anyone put their bike on the train BKK-CMX

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  1. Now I have a 3 hr. ride time to Mae Hong Song I wish to know if anyone has had success putting their bike on the train.

    Yeah I know I should ride to CMX and I may well ride back to BKK but there is an event I wish to attend in MHS and I would like to arrive relaxed and ready not after a 1.5 - 2 day ride.

    I am planning to go to Hualamphong to enquire but am wondering if anyone has done it incident free.

    No it is not a Harley:shh::smile1:
  2. Do it.. Easy... We have done it many times before.

    When you ring up to book your ticket.. make sure you get a first class sleeper if you will go with the bike.
    You don't want to be in noisy unconfortable 2nd class...
    You must go and pay for the ticket with in 2 days time and quote the reference numbers.. Let them know you will take a bike so they don't book you on a train with out the facility to carry bikes


    Book 3rd class.. 200 baht or there abouts. Then take an Air Asia / Nok Air flight to CM.
    If you do this.. Do not tell them you will not accompany the bike.. You are suppose to.
    We have done this many times and rolled up 3 or 4 hours after the train has arrived and the bikes are locked up and someone watching them.. 100 baht tip and done.

    On average when taking the Ninja or the KLX it has always been around 1200 baht from Bangkok for the bike.. They are corrupt at this station and once you pay you get the receipt which is about 150 baht or so less than the amount you paid.. What can you do? Nothing, if you want to make sure your bike makes it in one piece.. Funny thing is it is cheaper coming back usually even with out the corruption..

    Never had the corruption thing coming back to BKK from CM / Udon or Ubon.. They all want the 100 baht tip for lifting the bike off and on of course.. which is fine. That is usually shared between the 3 or 4 of them lifting it off and on.. don't pay it to the guy you bought the ticket from.. i did this once and saw he only gave them 60 baht and kept 40 baht for himself.. Pay it directly to the guys lifting the bike off and on.

    You are suppose to get the bike there 1 or 2 hours before.. we took it earlier once in BKK and they complained.. Told them I had to get jabs for Laos at the hospital and they agreed.. (didn't really need jabs).

    Suggest you protect the tank with some bubble wrap. My friend had a nice dent in his Ninja tank..
    They tend to stack boxes and other things on top and you can't always see as cargo may join at the other stops..
    A lot of things are not so secure in the back of the train and they use rope that is tied together to secure the bikes to the side of the carriage.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I have used the train many times with my and friends KLX. So far no major problems and no damage to the bikes (note that our bikes are full of scratches already from all the off road use). In addition to what Brian already wrote, we have experience that sometimes the train does not have the cargo car even they said it would have it when you book the ticket. Or the cargo is fully booked. Then you need to put the bike to another train that you are travelling (earlier or later). Earlier is better as then atleast the bike is waiting for you when you arrive. So better go early to take your bike (even they usually complain like Brian mentioned).
  4. Thx sounds like a plan in the making.

    Train, lunch at the Kafe, etc...
  5. A guy told me that he ships his bike from CMX to BKK by a trustworthy bike courier, and then flies back. Not exactly sure who he uses, but he said it cost 4000TB.

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