Anyone riding a Kawasaki Z250?

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Or knows someone first-hand that is riding one?

    I would be interested in riding experience.
  2. Chains a bit dodgy I hear ;-)
  3. I've ridden it. Cracking little bike. Same engine and frame and high revving parralel twin as the Ninja 250r but a bit lighter on account of the missing fairings and taller, wider bars. If they'd make it with the 300 engine and slipper clutch I'd seriously consider it.

    I hear you're getting rid of your Honda. Reckon the Z250 might be a good fit for you and certainly it won't burn oil like your Honda did! :mrgreen:
  4. Well dodgy chains can easily be replaced. Actually on "my CB500F" is/was almost the same dodgy chain (DID 520) and is/was starting to show the same wear.

    Is the engine of the Z250 indeed the same as the old & proven Ninja250?
    A bit a pity that the Z250 does not have ABS. Of course one could buy a Ninja300 and get rid of all the plastic and put some taller & wider handle-bar on it.

    As I was in Patters last weekend I did look for a rental Z250 but did not see one. Did not see any CB500's for rent either.

    P.s. Is the Z250 only for sale in Japan, Indonesia and Thailand?
  5. I don't know this for a fact, but get the impression that Kwacka needed to get rid of their remaining stock of 250R parts and so did a limited run of Z250's to "clean out the parts bin" if you will.

    I've inquired several times about a Z300 and so far it seems that's not in the pipeline, even though it would be a piece of cake for them to make it and I reckon it could be a good seller.

    You're quite right that you can easily put Z250 bars on the Ninja 300. Or you can just get risers for the Ninja 300 bars, which ever you find more comfortable I guess.
  6. Changnoi when you were shopping for a bike I told you that you should buy a Z250. :lolno:

    (Just guessing you are interested in buying one now and sell the CB500X) :)
  7. He's already rid of the Honda lemon, now looking for advice on what to get next.

    Reckon the Z250 would tick most boxes. Cheap, incredibly reliable, low seat height and fun to ride.

    Have you sat on a Ducati Monster 795 Ivo? That's also got a quite low seat height, seems well made, reasonably priced and is fun to ride. Cramped for tall riders I bet a Monster 795 would fit you perfectly.

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