Anyone riding in Cambodia now??

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  1. Hi there,

    I am just about to head out riding around Cambodia and would love to find anyone else doing the same as none of my mates are free at the moment.

    If I can't find a friend I am going to have to resist the urge to venture too far off the beaten track.
    Otherwise I will be doing some sort of a loop from PP to Battambang > Siem Reap > Anlong Veng > Preah Vihear > stung treng > rattanakiri > kratie > Mondulkiri > PP
    Or something like that anyways...steering clear of the Cardomon's

    Really just going to cruise around and see where I end up.
    If anyone is around would definitely welcome a partner in crime.
    Otherwise I am crossing my fingers that I run into someone along the way.


  2. How long are you there? I should be in Cambodia in three weeks, give or take a couple days...
  3. Hi deepcdiver

    We (3 of us) will be in Cambodia as well in 3 weeks time. Hope to see you somewhere along the roads.

  4. Hey All,

    Im planning to purchase a bike in Phomh Penh or Siem Reap and ride through Cambo then to Laos and possibly further..Would love to share the
    experiance with any others..Just sussing out legalities paperwork etc..
    probably start travel around 2nd-3rd week of Feb 2008 approx.


  5. get in touch mate, looks like we'll be doing similar routes at the same time, if nothing else we can compare notes etc...
  6. Well, I did ride around a little but the bike needed new sprockets and chains after doing 700km or so and my visa is running out.

    I will just have to come back and do the big loop around the siem reap and the north and north west provinces.
    Will definitely put a post up when I am headed back again.

    For now, it looks like I will spend some time on a minsk in north vietnam.
    Sure beats getting on the bus with all the lonely planet devotees.
    Not that I still don't own a couple...hehe.
    After riding around and getting a taste for it, I believe it is hard to resist doing it in any country you can get hold of a hire bike.

    I wrote a blog if anyone is interested in Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep and Bokor - ... /tpod.html
    Bokor is all closed for the next few years as well :(


  7. im just arrived into cambodia, from laos im just wondering if anyone wants to meet up and do a ride together?? i have no plans at the moment.
  8. Hi .. Is anybody in Cambodia at the moment .. or going .. I am planning to go across tomorrow at Poi Pet.. on my trusty Phantom .. touch wood.. not a dirt bike.... we will see ..
    Msg me or my thai mobile is 084-542-3383.. although I guess that will only work if like me you are sitting at puter now .. planning your entry .. oh well Sabai Sabai

  9. My friend Gilles has just crossed from Laos on his French R1150GS. He is in Kratié (sp?) now. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    (I don't normally post email addresses in clear text, because of spam bots, but I know his email account is immune)

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