Anyone riding in Halong Bay?

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  1. I've moved to the Halong Bay area. Am still finding out which bigger bikes can be bought etc.

    Yesterday, I took a Yamaha to a mechanic operating on the hallway of a house which may not even be his own. But as local assures me he is a top guy in town.
    Time will tell. The bike hasn't been started in almost a year. Want the battery, fluids replaced and the gas will likely have turned bad... The bike comes with the job ;-)

    Love the country. Folks are incredibly friendly!

  2. Half your luck Chris. Vietnam is sensational.
    Look forward to a bundle of reports from you.
  3. Hi! In here you can buy pretty much any big bike.. well sort of.. some are with real papers and some are not.

    and for my experience as a foreigner when police stops you end result is you pay anyway (at least sometimes you do ;) . In Hanoi police will not stop foreigners at all, even if you ride without a helmet (what I don't do...)

    I haven't been in Halong Bay with bike and furthest to that direction I have been in Hai Phong.

    Lately haven't been able to ride at all as been waiting my ECU as it got fried somehow and had to order new one.
  4. Hello, I am located in Hai Duong.

    Anytime willing to go out by bike. I prefer offroad.

  5. I rided to Halong on the last December. The road was quite rough. Be careful if you are a woman rider.

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