Anyone up for a ride next week?

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  1. Hey guys, I am a friend of Simon's, and was out of the country during John and Simon's memorial ride. I hope to be in Chang Mai next weekend and would really like to do some riding and visit the Wat where the trees were planted.

    I will need to hire a bike, and would like some recommendations on a good place to stay. I am planning on staying for at least the weekend (arriving Sat Jan 30th, around 12:30 leaving Mon Feb 1st around 13:00) but can stay a few more days with no issue, if that would facilitate a better ride. I am looking forward to riding with some people that know the area, and even better if they also knew Simon.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys, and riding the area I have heard such great things about!!

    See you all soon!!
  2. Hi Steve

    im sure you ment to place your add to NORTH forum, but im sure MODS will put it in the correct area.

    But if you ever are in NE of thai let us know and we have a ride here.
  3. Steve as mentioned briefly when I saw you yesterday....I have hired bikes several times from Mr Mechanic who is next to Kafe. Always had good reliable service.

    If bike required is unavailable maybe give Mr Beer , around the corner a call. Pop rental has numerous rental shops.

    We prefer to stay at Ruxthai Hotel. Clean , quiet , central location and a coupla great little bars only a few minutes walk.
    Mapjack is a very handy website for " strolling" the streets of CNX to familiarise your self before arrival . It also covers quite a lot of Mae Hong Son and will get you to within about 400m or so of the Wat where John and Simons trees are planted.

    Above reco's can be Googled or contacts located on GTR site.

    Keep the rubber side down. N
  4. You are correct Marco, I did mean to post to North Thailand.
    Sorry to clutter up your page, and thanks for showing me the error of my ways. I will post there now!
  5. No Worries matey

    when you are this part of the Thai let me know and lets take way too many beers

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