Ap Honda Thailand New Facility In Chiang Mai!

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Ian Bungy, May 17, 2016.

  1. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    AP Honda Thailand have Just built a Massive Training Centre. It is Located on the 118 Road heading towards Doi Saket it is on the Right hand side of the Road a few Kilometers past AJ'S Harley Davidson shop. With Spectacular Premises and also Tracks, a Tarseal circuit which has different Areas to teach Road Skills, traffic Rules and Bike Control. This actually looks more Geared towards Newer Riders and Riders moving up to their First Big Bike not so much a Race Track! Inside this Area is a Dirt Area with Jumps and Mounds etc for the Dirt Riders. They have a Fleet of Bikes for all these different areas including CB500X, CBR500R, CB650F and for the Dirt CRF250L and also the Full On CRF250R . I was all Excited as I was taking a look around until they told Me that the Entire Beautiful Complex is for Training only No Sales!!! So We are still stuck with having to go into Big Wing Honda in there Shitty Location in the Middle of Town if We want to Buy or get any Service! Oh well so be it! Great to see this in Chiang Mai though! Grand Opening will be in June and the Manager Khun Somboon Will let Me know when!
    The Manager Khun Somboon and Myself!

    An Impressive two story Complex!

    With an Equally Impressive Sign on the Road Side complete with a Huge Screen playing advertising Videos.

    Looking out the Back to the Tracks.

    Another View of the Track.

    The Dirt section in the Middle!

    Start on a Computer Ha Ha! When I first walked in the Place looked Deserted but soon the Staff started coming out from everywhere, Men and Ladies and they were all Happy to Show Me around!


    Test Bikes Galore!


    The Mighty CRF250R!!!

    I would like a few of these at the X-Centre but unfortunately very few of Our Customers would be able to Ride them Ha Ha!


    95 Octane Power!!! No crap Cheap stuff here!

    They will also have a Large Merchandising Area at the Front so You can Buy Your Honda Kit there just not the Bike Ha Ha! But Fingers crossed they change there Mind and Actually Sell Bikes Later it would be a Great Location!

    A Model of the Track Areas.



    Well thats about all for Now so will keep You Informed if I hear anything Else! Have a Great Day! And Three Cheers for Honda for Supporting Chiang Mai!!!
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  3. DavidFL

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    Wow! That looks sensational & will be a massive help to rider training & safety.
    Great to Honda jumping to the fore in the North.
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Actually I just thought I should of Posted this Thread in the Honda Big Wing Forum but never Mind. General Discussion it is I guess? A Significant Investment by Honda so I hope they make Full use of it and as I said before I personally think the Location would be a lot better than in the Middle of Town for a Sales outlet! If any of You have been to the Beautiful Honda Big Wing Dealership in Udonthani it is similar to that with the Added addition of the Track Areas. I forgot to mention it will also have a Big Cafe / Coffee Shop in the Building!
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Moved it to the Honda Big BIkes forum.

    Now this looks interesting

    any idea what / how it tests you?
  6. When they were first working on it the manager at Big Wing in the city told me they will eventually have the Africa Twin there too to test. That will be great if that ever happens. :)
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  7. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Her or the Computer David? Ha Ha! It is a Bike Simulator and teaches You Bike control and Road Sense. Just like a Video Game but with Handle Bars and Bike Controls!
  8. DavidFL

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    A vdo of the centre
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