Are bikes allowed on Western Ring Road?

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  1. I want to bypass Bangkok, and looking at my map the quickest way would be to take the WRR (Highway 9) from the junction with Highway 1 at Bang Pa In to the junction with Highway 346 at Amphur Lat Lum Kaew in Pathum Thani province. Does anyone know if bikes are allowed on this section?

    Happy New Year,
  2. Western side from BangPa In was OK for bikes last year down to junction with highway 2 to Ratchaburi .Eastern Side was a NO GO
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go and see how far I get.

  4. Interesting what would the best route be to avoid Bangkok and go to Hua Hin?

    Is it possible to program a GPS to avoid the toll roads?
  5. Ray it deoends wher u are coming from,
  6. Udon :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Guess that would help
  7. Thanks guys
  8. Out standing.

    The 800 runs hot so I want to stay away from the stop and go traffic and all the strange rules in Bangkok. Only place I have ever paid tea money in Thailand.

    Does look intresting little adaption making it from Udon, but at some point I think I will deal with Bangkok somewhat.

    What are the best times of day to run through it?
  9. Going via Prapadeng ferry is usually hassle free from the Fuzz on both sides.
  10. I find traffic is generally pretty light in the Big Mango around 4am... :wink: :roll: :mrgreen:
  11. Here's an update on my original post, and a small trip report of my journey so far...

    I left Buri Ram on December 30th, and took highway 24 to the Si Kiew intersection with highway 2, and then through Saraburi to the ring road at the junction on highway 1 at Bang Pa In. I followed it to the junction with 346. Then along 346 and down 321 to Nakorn Pathom, where I joined up with highway 4 and headed to Cha-am. The roads were mostly in good shape. Very heavy traffic heading east on highway 2 between Saraburi and Si Kiew, but not too bad in the direction I was going. Highway 9 is a very good road, letting you get close to Bangkok, but without getting tangled up in traffic. Indeed, traffic was fairly light from the Bang Pa In junction all the way to Cha-am, and I made good progress. I left Buri Ram at 10:00 and was in Cha-am at 17:30, with a number of stops along the way.

    I stayed in Cha-am with a friend over the new years holiday and then continued south down highways 4 and 41 to Amphur Thung Song, where I cut across to 408, on the eastern side of Songkhla lake, and followed it down to Songkhla, where I currently am. The roads generally got better the further south I went; the legendary left hand lane around Chumpon being the worst spot, but the weather got worse. After 4 days of great weather in Cha-am, it was pissing down in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Surat Thani and Thung Song, with alternate cold light rain and hot sunshine in between. There's a brilliant bit of road through the limestone cliffs at Thung Song, but the rain was so hard, and visibility so poor, that it was wasted.

    I'll be heading back up the west coast, along highway 4 via Krabi, Phuket and Ranong, next week. Hopefully the weather improves.
  12. The road in Ranong is stunning! Enjoy!
  13. Thats sound exactly like what I wanted to do.

    Bangkok was the only part that concerned me

  14. Ray, are you seriously planning to head down to Hua Hin? When?

    Would be fun to meet up...
  15. If the back Cooperates in February. I stopped feeling sorry for myself got back into some serious excercise and stayed off the bike. Since the funeral in Khan Kean. This is waht I was doing to gte the rides in. Got lazy, I will do the short one to Ning Khia. If that works out then I will try Pattaya.

    Everything goes OK the goal is go there and south in February.
  16. Here's some notes on the remainder of my trip, which I finished this week: I left Songkhla and joined up with Highway 4 at Hat Yai. Last time I was on highway 4, which was years ago, they were starting to make parts of it dual lane in both directions and I was expecting it to be dual lane all the way back to the Chumpon intersection, similar to every other major highway in the country. It's mainly single lane though, which isn't really a problem on a bike, except for the usual idiots cutting corners and overtaking on blind corners and crests of hills. Anyway, day one took me from Songkhla to Krabi, one nice mountain bit north of Pattalung, and magnificent scenery as you reach Krabi.

    Day two was from Krabi to Ranong. Great riding as you leave Krabi. There is a bypass around Phangna at Amphur Thap Put, which I didn't take, instead I followed highway 4 as it turned into a small mountain road up and over the limestone cliffs. Most traffic takes the bypass, so it was almost deserted and I'd recommend this way to anyone who enjoys twisty riding. From this road a shortcut may be taken along 4090, but I carried on along highway 4, through Phangna town, all the way down to the 402 junction leading to Phuket, and then back up north through Kao Lak, which is the only time you get a good look at the sea from highway 4, to Ranong. It's single lane all the way, and some of the towns can get congested. Watch out for the passenger vans going to and from Phuket, they think the road is just for them and expect everyone to get out of their way.

    Day three was a short one, and took me to Hua Hin. I'd heard a lot about the road from Ranong to Chumpon and was a little disappointed on the first bit, through the mountains. It could be a great road, but the surface leaves a lot to be desired, and more of the corner cutting, lane crossing idiots coming the other way. Once I left the mountain bit though I saw the attraction. A good surface and long sweeping corners make it an excellent biking road. All too soon though it's back to the Petchkasem highway at Chumpon and its rough surface.

    I pushed it on day four, and could have made it home, but instead opted to stay in Khorat. I was planning on going all the way down highway 4 to the junction with highway 9, but by the time I got to Nakorn Pathom the traffic headed to Bangkok was so heavy that I went back the way I'd come, along 321 to 346, and then along highway 9 to Bang Pa In. I think this is the quickest way to bypass Bangkok around the northwestern side. In the past I've tried going up to Suparnburi and across to Saraburi, but the way I just took seems faster. Just watch out for some of the bridges over the klongs. They'd be better suited to motorcross tracks and had me still going up while the bike was coming down on a couple of occasions. From Bang Pa In to Khorat, along highways 1 and 2, was its usual smooth ride.

    Day five was the short hop home to Buri Ram. It was good to be back, but I'm planning the next trip already.

    So all in all a very enjoyable trip, with some excellent roads, a few pathetic ones, but on the whole above average. One miserable day with near total white out rain at times, but mainly good weather. Not too hot and not too cold. I was made to stop at one army checkpoint just before Ranong, but was waved on without a word once I'd stopped. The cops took no interest in me at all, apart from one nice fellow who gave me a wave with his clip board as I was heading back through Petchaburi. A great way to spend a few weeks.

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