Are there extra charges at Laos emigration for taking in a bike

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  1. Hi,
    I started this thread a few days ago but it didn't come out right.

    I'm going into LAOS for a few weeks mainly for visa purposes.I live in Thailand.

    I was wondering if it was worth taking my bike.Are there any extra charges for bringing your bike into Laos.

    Would I have to change the bike to my own name,Thai reg.

    What about my Thai drivers license or do I need an international one.

    Do I need insurance.

    Basically how much more go in with a bike than a back pack.
    I would love to drive from Chiang Kong to the Chinese border.

    All advice appreciated.
  2. Do it! Laos is awesome and a bike is the best way to explore.

    If the bike isn't in your name you'll need written permission from the owner to take it out of Thailand. Never done it myself but I believe there's an official form from the Land Transport Dept that the owner needs to fill out before you will be allowed to take the bike out of Thailand.

    Minimal expense at the border. A small fee on the Thai side for the temporary export doc and you need to buy insurance on the Lao side which is dirt cheap. Never been asked for tea money on either Thai or Lao side.

    Your Thai DL is valid in Laos.

    Happy Trails! :happy1:
  3. If you are in CR Pm me and I would be happy to help you plan your trip.

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  4. O.k,
    Well the gentleman from bkk has answered most of my questions.
    The questions left are Chaing Rai specific.Can I get a green book and a drivers liscense now that I've chainged from a tourist visa to a Non Emegegrant O on the grounds of marriage.These rules change from province to province.

    I'm not much of a biker so I only want to go to the Chinese boarder and back

    Thanks for your help both of you
  5. It all can be done, the license office in CR is pretty helpful if you walk in with the right attitude.

    If its only a one off trip, why not rent a bike in town and they will give you all the paperwork you need for the trip in terms of border crossings.
  6. Brian and Rex put together a fantastic ride report of their journey to the Chinese border here:

    [h=3]Northern Laos December 2012 (Moto-Rex & BrianBKK)[/h]

    Sounds like you'll be riding solo? Please be careful! If you think the roads are hairy in Thailand, Laos takes it to a whole new level! The big trucks and Chinese-registered SUV's own the road in Laos so ride defensively and keep your head on a swivel. I'd also recommend you buy a cheap Lao sim card at the border so that you have a means to call for help if you should need it.

    Sounds like a great adventure- Have fun! :happy1:
  7. Hi there Chiangrai, how did you go in the end. What did you do?

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