Are they serious ????

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    was in a bike shop in Jomtien today and they had a 2 year old Ducati 795 monster locally made model which you can buy new for 399k, it has 21400km on the clock and the shop was asking ............390k !!!!! and no it had no expensive after market goodies to add value ......Totally stupid price ,,, my pal offered 340k cash but the dealer refused pal told him new ones are available for 399k only 4km at ducati main dealer ,the salesman told us we were GO HOK !!!!

    amazing thailand
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    The shop owner where waiting for the Pattaya factor to kick in!
    A drunk tourist who want to buy a bike with no clue to exchange rate or the paper work.
    And after the buyer sober up or crash they will buy it back for less than nothing. Happens all the time..:lolno:

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