Around Kanchanaburi and back to Koh Chang


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Feb 14, 2005
I took the 3199 from Kanchanaburi up to Si Sawat, After you get past the Si Nakharin Dam does this road get twisty or what. It is a great road and I clocked about 20km between seeing another vehicle after I passed where you can take the ferry over for the short cut. I followed the road until it turned into a dusty track, Had a look round then did the return leg. I went to where the ferry leaves and thought about taking it but said no I came here to ride motorbikes not travel on water. A really enjoyable ride and one I would definitely recommend. That evening as I was walking towards the jolly frog I saw a BMW 650 with a furry seat, I thought shit I know that bike and sure enough Tom Forde was sitting at the bar, The last time we met was in Chiang Mai, We had a natter than said goodbye. Next morning I decided to just ride around locally on some of the side roads, Nothing really outstanding to report. Next morning the dreaded journey to Bangkok stayed one night and then the even worse trip back to Trat. Went over to Koh Chang to catch up with a friend and ended up staying for a week. Someone reported on this site a few months ago about the road nearly being finished around the island. It is not finished yet and will not be for quite some time from what I saw. The new bit that has been laid going anti clockwise in the south just stops dead in the middle of the forest and no machinery or clearing is happening, Anyway Koh Chang is not really a biking paradise anyway. Nobody would seriously come here for the motorcycling opportunities.