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  1. The next morning I took the 1169 again to Santisuk and then the 1080 towards Pua, Just before I reach Pua I turn right onto the 1256 Which goes to Bo Klua. This road really comes alive after the first few kms and is a dream to ride, There is a section where the surface is being redone and is just hard packed gravel but not for too long. Once you are past this the road is wide and a brilliant surface with no traffic. When I first did this route just over two years ago it looked like the road surface was brand new and it still looks the same now. I Join the 1081 at Bo klua and turn left and ride nearly as far as the border pass at Huai Kon, This is a twisty winding road with lots of hills but not really a very good surface. I stop for petrol have a drink then turn round and ride back to Bo Klua. I dont turn onto the 1256 here that I came in on instead I just stay on the 1081 that eventually joins the 1080 near to Santisuk. One of the things I like most about this area is the total lack of traffic, Virtually all the roads up here are nearly always empty. About seven km south of Bo Klua the 1081 has been resurfaced and is a brilliant road with lots of hills and curves and is a great fast ride for about ten km. I read on someone elses report about this new section that was posted late last year that the lines were not on the road, I can confirm that they are all completed now. Then you hit the road works and for three km it is a mixture of mud and compacted gravel then it is the old surface which isnt too bad certainly better than the further north section. I make my way back to Nan on the 1169 that I came in on. Next morning its across the river again on the 1168 and follow it to its end. A few kms after Mae Charim the road forks off to the right and becomes the 1243, I take the left fork and remain on the 1168 which carries on for another 44 km, 26 of these are a wide road with a very good surface and newish then the last 18 km goes into a narrow single road with a still reasonable surface until it reaches Ban Namtuang where it abruptly finishes and there is just an unmade bumpy dirt track to carry on which I decline on the wave. I will explore here a bit more next holiday on an enduro bike as one of my maps shows the 1168 carrying on and joining the 1081 but this is probably an unmade road. As I was descending the hill into Ban Namtuang I could see a dirt track going up into the hills so perhaps that is the road. I have a rest some peanuts from a small shop a drink of water then make my way back, I think about ten km before the junction with the 1243 there is a turning on the left with no road number, I go down here and after about one km there is a T junction. I take the road that turns left which is the 1259, This goes up steeply for a few kms then twists and turns for quite a way downhill then up and down until it finishes in a small village about 24 km away. This road is good in places and care needs to be taken in some places as there is a lot of crap on the road. It was an interesting journey and I return to the roads beginning at the T junction and take the other road which again is up and down and quite a decent road but only goes for six km and finishes in a small village on the Wa river. There is a very dodgy bamboo bridge here which some of the locals ride their bikes over, I decline as I have already had two near misses with dogs today and yesterday and I am a firm believer in sods law happening so I dont want to tempt fate as I am selling the bike tomorrow and wish to keep it intact. I get back on the 1168 and at the junction with the 1243 I go down here for a look around. This looks like being another good ride so I follow it for about twenty km and yes its well worth trying, I have had enough today so I return to Nan but next time I plan to follow the 1243 and explore further afield. Its back to Chiang Mai next morning which is tuesday march 15th, I take the exact same route I got here on and cover the 300 km in about four and a half hours, Not bad on a wave 125. I sell the bike to Joe and Tom at Joes bike team. Goodwill hire so if anybody rents a blue wave 125i registration number 471 from them then you can be safe in the knowledge that this bike has been all around Thailand and knows its way around and that wherever you take it it has probably already been there before. I bought it 25/11/04 brand new and sold it 15/3/05 with 19493 km on the clock, Every post I have made the journey was done on this bike and there are countless other trips I did that were just day runs out of Chiang Mai that I didnt post, I dont think there is a road around Chiang Mai that I havent ridden on the wave so anybody out there that wants to do it dont be put off by the fact its not a superbike it will do the job. Just rent/buy a bike get out there and ride. This is my final post for this holiday and if all goes to plan I will be back in November with a bigger more comfortable bike to finish some of those trips off.
    Happy riding everyone
  2. Hi Colin

    Now that your series of reports has ended, I would just like to say that I have enjoyed reading all of them.

    Glad that you had a good time, and hope to meet you on your next trip.

    I also hope that your reports will inspire some other riders to become authors as well.


    "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"
  3. Hi BobS
    I am glad you enjoyed the reports, I just realised it was your report that I read which was saying about the new surface south of Bo Klua that was fresh and had no white lines. Its still fresh but has white lines now
  4. Hi Colin

    Last December was when the road was paved, but not marked. They had started widening the next section, but had not torn up the old road yet.

    I did the new section in the same direction as you - all uphill. You will have to do it on something bigger that the Wave, and have more fun on it.


    "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"

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