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  1. Obkahn Last Part

    Rain, rain, rain, that’s how it started off today. This time we very lucky and could remember exactly, where we came out the last time and it only took about 15 minutes to get there from the Obkahn National Park sign at the bridge. Last time Dr. D. was running out of stamina at that point and we had to turn around. To our surprise the cut off road didn’t lead to nowhere, so we tried to find some foot path. We had a very steep climb and my XR was breathing heavy with my 115 kg on board. I just managed to get up there. I kinda like that, much more interesting like that. Good I ordered some German Military Gore Tex gear, that is just perfect for this riding condition. I only can recommend it. Ebay has a lot of those with a nice price tag.






    At the very top, we could not really make out any connection, the grass was too high and in the wet it was not easy to make out a path. So it was downhill for me and George again and after that another climb. After several times of up and down and turn around we finally found a foot path that lead us to a small lake. We cruised around the lake got back on a gravel track and tried one of those dirt roads the parted from the side. But we got stuck then in deep jungle, too much fallen trees and bamboo logs would make it impossible to path. So turn around again and look up another connection. We were riding thru some Lamiyai fields and found a nice climb again.



    One more time up and down and up and down until we came out in a chaos of bushes and trees we hardly could get through. Then we found a connecting road with nice mud slides and some fast passages. The rain didn’t allow a very high speed because the surface was slippery like soap. After a while we took a left back into the mountain, another climb and shortly we reached the top. Nothing there no connection, so turned around and found another footpath bringing us down to another point and a small village. Then we found out we were back to the same road again, so we searched some more and finally found a great off-road track. George crashed the bike on the ice-like surface; he was spinning around his own axis before he landed on the ground. Bike o.k., George o.k






    and off we go again. After 20 minutes riding we came out at the Flower Garden Resort on the Samoeng Road. I don’t know if it’s called like that, but it’s the one, they want an entry fee to look up some stupid flowers. Don’t get me wrong I love flowers, wild flowers as you find them when riding off-road, not those that are planted and cultivated by the humans, they don’t have the smell of freedom like the wild ones.

    As it was almost 5pm we decide to hit back to CNX. Hope you enjoy.

    PS: This was the last part of our Obkahn Tour, next time we will explore some other site.
  2. Once again Sax & George, a brilliant reality ride report.

    Your pics capture the weather & conditions, scary to me but attractive to you and I am sue, other folks too!

    The place you ended up could be Krisadadoi on the Samoeng Road I guess, yep, I never quite understand what the entry fee for that place is all about.

    Looking forward to reading about your next exploration.

  3. Sax

    that Mud surface looks darn scary and no doubt

    also i know thing or two when driving in Ice,,,,that is slippery, but fun(In the car)
    Great stuff and ride safely
  4. Thanks Ally and Marc,

    it's fun out there with all the rain right now. Let's see where the road will take us next time.

    Cheers Rudi

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