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  1. I was out with a bunch of mates a week or so ago and took a little vid and a few snaps around Phu Chi Fa area after being inspired by Ben’s Phaya Piyak road report


    The lads at Phaya Piyak viewpoint


    Looking back at the P-P road coming down towards Phu Chi Fa


    View from the restaurant between Pang Hat and Pang Tang


    Random road shot – Phu Chi Fa


    Vid of the descent of the Phaya Piyak road heading east towards Phu Chi Fa (bit slow as we'd never been on the road before and it's fooking steep!!!)

    [youtube:kxnipl84] /youtube:kxnipl84]

    Another little vid here of me with Con on his ER6 in front.

    [youtube:kxnipl84] /youtube:kxnipl84]


  2. Hi Pikey

    Nice one,, and i was there few days after you guys,, what a fantastic piece of road,, isn't it??
  3. Just read your report - looked god but shame we could'nt meet. That's why I missed the Mae Chaem dinner too.


  4. Just read your report - looked god but shame we could'nt meet. That's why I missed the Mae Chaem dinner too.


    Yes matey

    I really dont know where my time fly last time when i ws in CNX,,,but i'll be back for the bike week on Dec,, then we gonna get some breews
  5. Hi Jeff

    Great vidoe's mate! That descent sure is steep! I've only done it in the other direction so far.

    What was the camera you were using? I'm about ready to invest in one, and everyone seems sold on the GoPro cameras.

  6. Nice one Jeff. I bet you & the Bonnie certainly enjoyed that ride.

    Could it be that Phaya Piyak & R4018 is going to be the new road sensation of North Thailand?
  7. It is indeed very steep and my mate Dave from CNX with his F800Beemer did it 2 times and he love it especially he said it's fantatic for street bikes,,, and IF we could close it for 10min and have 2guys in walkey 2-ways and done some really fast runs few time it wud be fantastic....

    maybe SSR guys?????
  8. Hi Ben,

    The camera is just a point & shoot Olympus 790SW. It's shock & waterproof and has anti-shake technology so it's reasonable on the bike. I use a RAM mount system on the left handlebar which screws into the tripod mount on the cam. The disadvantage is that it's a fixed point-of-view rather than the Go-Pro which can be mounted in loads of places.

    Marco/David - yes a ripper of a road and doing it west to east means you hook into the Phu Chi Fa loop. I'll be up there again for sure!


  9. The angle of the camera doesnt do the road its true justice , was one of the steepest windy roads Ive ever travelled along. Me the chicken was at the very back doing about 10-20kph :crazy:

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