Arrested in Laos for Taking Photos

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  1. This is something to remember when taking photos in some of our neighboring countries. It is basically illegal to take photos of any government or military buildings or uniformed personnel. I know I have been warned in the past, and also snapped some photos when they weren't looking. I know of others who have been detained for short periods and also had their cameras checked. They do take this law seriously at times. :shifty:

    Authorities Rush to Free Thai Tourists Arrested in Laos

    Three Thais are facing espionage charges in Laos during their trip in Champasak, Pakse Province.

    On July 22, three tourists, including 41-year-old Samart Yaothani, 34-year-old Thanwa Supakam and 32-year-old Worapon Kamsena, were arrested and charged with espionage after they took a photo of a Laotian radar military base.

    Ubon Ratcha Thani Governor, Surapon Saipan, said that he has instructed Sirithorn District Chief Thorntan Shinkomut to coordinate with Pakse authorities to bring the three Thais home.

    In the initial stage, Champasak Governor Sornchai Sripandorn indicated that the Thais do not understand Laotian, and so mistakenly took a prohibited photo around the military base.

    However, the entrance of three tourists was legal. He insists that they would be released soon.

    He also warns all tourists to be careful when taking photos.

    TAN News
  2. Thanks for the alert. I had no idea such photos were illegal, such as the one I took (below) of two Lao soldiers, both of which were probably just 16-year old kids! I also have taken pix of government bldgs and a military post....but, no more, now that I know the consequences!

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  3. I have taken quite few photos of "uniforms" myself , and often times they will actually pose with you. The best rule is; Ask First! If they say no, then don't.
  4. Hey Dave thanks for the info - I believe same for communists governed countries, when in Vietnam I also had big drama's at an old air strip which I was using as a short cut. My camera never came out.
  5. Its not just the Communist countries, Try pulling out your camera on any US held air strip in Iraq or Afghanistan and see what happens. I admit that some of seems since less but there are reasons behind it.

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