Arriving first at an accident?

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  1. Hi all,

    Riding motorcycles in Thailand is without any doubt one of best experiences I've ever had, but there is a backside to it. Road safety, or the lack of. So far I have been lucky enough not to been envolved in any accidents, but I've seen a fair share that already happened. Every time I come to think about what I would do if I was to be first one to arrive. Naturally, my gut tells me to stop and offer any assistance I could, I also remember stories I've read about how you can get sued for causing (claimed) damage to the involved. Is there any truth in these stories? And in such case, what would you do? Calling the police and head on?

    Input much appreciated here.....
  2. I know what your saying and a more than once we have come across a accident that has just happend and the wife just says GO GO GO dont be stupid !!
  3. Darider your concerns are justified and I have asked myself the same question, my thought process has only two possibilities.

    1) If by myself ring for medical assistance and continue on my way, not stopping to offer assistance, unfortunately. I did something at least.
    2) If I have a reliable witness at the scene contact medical assistance and offer basic first aid being aware of all the drama's today with blood
    so be very careful or wear well sealed strong gloves.

    Hope this helps! my views only.
  4. My thoughts are.. If theres no one else to offer assistance.. I will offer it, personal risk be damned. Its the human thing to do.

    If its a westerner, I would also be willing to take the risk, and take control of the problem until services arrive. I feel they are far less likely to try to put a false claim or pass the cost of damages to you. Not fully safe but again a risk I would take.

    If Thai, and there was anyone else nearby, I would do all I could to encourage them and assist them, while making myself scarce at the earliest humane opportunity.

    I have personally witnesses thai on thai crashes that then tried to blame a good samaritan farang who stopped to offer help. While thats one thing with a grazed knee and a dropped scooter its totally another in the case of major injury or death.
  5. In a Western country, stop, call emergency services, help in anyway I can.

    Thailand, more than likely ride on.

    Perhaps I've been conditioned by the the 'Thai rak Thai' and 'Thailand is for the Thais' propaganda. I jut leave them to look after themselves.
  6. I always stop...especially if I'm the first one the scene; I also stop if locals have gathered and offer aid if med services have not yet arrived.
    Fate...what goes around comes around...
  7. Many thanks for the input. It helped straighten things out..

    Safe rides..:)
  8. A messenger on a scooter went splat in the lane next to me on busy Ramkamhaeng road the other day- I have no idea why he crashed- That road is under an overpass and very slippery- I think he just hit the brakes too hard.... He slid across and into my lane and I nearly ran him over. He jumped up and was giving me dirty looks... WTF?! It was apparent that he wasn't seriously hurt. With that in mind there was no way I was going to stop in that mad traffic and risk getting myself run over by a kamikaze bus and give him an opportunity to try and blame me for making him crash.

    No two accidents are the same. It's a judgement call you have to make at the time, based on the circumstances.
  9. I had a guy (and his GF) crash all around me one day on the scoot.. He was speeding along, went to overtake me, swung out and around me without checking and got clipped by an even faster car overtaking him but not giving any room. Hence it happened next to me and he crashed right in front of me was knocked into my path and I had his missus and his bike on my right and in front and him almost to my left.. Locked my front wheel at one point but just managed to feather it and stay up and not touch any of them as we all slid along for meters.

    He jumped up with his fists balled giving me a glare and stink eye when I stopped to see they are all ok. Totally not my fault but it all exploded literally around me and everyone had adrenalin flowing, I kinda understand his instant heat of the moment emotions.. They only had scratches, the car that clipped them stopped and was saying sorry, and so I carried on.

    Also saw a little scooter off where 2 women crashed at a busy intersection, a stopped farang tries to help them up, and as the crowd gathered I saw the girls give this mutual look, and start blaming how they swerved to avoid the farang as tho it was his fault to the growing crowd. No one was hurt any more than a scrape and we told the guy to keep on going, he left maybe 30 seconds before a cop got there and the explanation was being made firmly against him. But in Patong I guess those attitudes come with the turf.

    I still say, first arrival at the scene, I will still stop. But if I have an option to not be there, I will take it also.

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