Arrow and Leo Vince Slip-ons for Ninja650/Versys/ER6n

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by ScubaBuddha, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. ScubaBuddha

    ScubaBuddha Member

    Hi All. I have for sale both an aluminum Arrow for 15900B and a titanium Leo Vince for 16900B. Great way to shed some weight, increase HP, and make your bike sound awesome. Very easy to install. They are brand new and unused. PM me or email for more info. scubabuddha at hotmail dot com


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  3. 883R

    883R Member

    Is the Leo Vince still available? Is it fitting a 2011 ER-6N?

  4. ScubaBuddha

    ScubaBuddha Member

    Hi Uwe,

    Yes, both are still available and fit the 2010-2011 ER6n, Ninja650R and Versys.

  5. ScubaBuddha

    ScubaBuddha Member

    I still have a couple of these available. One is located in Bangkok at the moment.

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