article 800cc Diesel triple MC

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  1. I like this website, quite a lot of reviews with a very simple Thai approach, but I did wonder wether THailand has the equivalent of April Fools day articles when I read this one. Some of the figures, eg fuel tank size and some of the comments seemed more science fiction, or maybe a concept model. What do others think?
  2. Concerning that website, there are a few good articles on it, obviously not written by Thais. The 50L tank is an available accessory, quote:
    "It comes with the most amazing range of optional extras. Among them is aluminum luggage, a 50-liter fuel tank, ABS, a lifting device for spills in desert sand and, incredible, two-wheel drive, using a patented hydraulic system to give the front wheel up to 35 per cent of the torque. The power to the front wheel is fully adjustable."
  3. Just what I need to replace my NSR. A bike with a really narrow powerband. :p

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