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  1. I am going to take my wife on a trip of her life!

    In 4 years we retire, the first thing I want to do before I get too old is ride 2up with my wife from Cambodia to the UK.

    I need to do lots of home work like what sort of bike to take, what route to take, what visa's will be required. so on and so forth!

    Let me start by asking for some ideas on what bike I need. Remember it's 2up, lots of luggage. I am not sure if it is possible but can it be done all the way on black top? If so i have wondered about a maxi scooter.
  2. Long range, long and strong suspension for bad roads and lots of weight as two up, reliable bike are points to consider.

    Lots of luggage? Forget it or do it in a car. Overweight is underprepared! The lighter you travel the easier and more comfortabel the travel will be. Been there - done that Europe to Thailand. Did it on a 650 offroader/adventurebike. If I was to do it again I would do it on a 250 dirtbike, with some modifications of course, and 1/3 of the luggage I carried the first time.

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