At what age can teens get a driver's license?

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  1. KZ25

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    I talked with several people and everybody has a different answer!

    At what age can young Thais legally ride a Honda Wave?

    Some say 15, some 16, some 18. Some talk about restrictions; can't ride alone, can't ride after dark aso.

    I've heard that you can ride a 50cc bike at age 15; a 125cc bike at 18.

    What gives? Does anybody have a link to a law?

    My daughter is 14 and wants a KSR...
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  3. Changnoi1

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    Just tell her that she can get a KSR whenever she has a driver license, proven riding skills and a helmet. Actually I think she should buy a MSX.

    I was told that under the 70cc it is regarded a moped and you do not need a driver license and kids from 14 can ride it. But you can not buy a 70cc bike (road legal).
    Above it is regarded a motorbike, your need driver license and have to be 18.

    But just go to the DLT and ask. Very easy.
  4. KZ25

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    ^ Thanks for adding a new number - 70cc! :)

    A KSR has 110cc - you wrote she can ride it when she has a license. That begs the question: at what age can she get a driiver's license?

    A KSR has a semi-automatic transmission which she is used to. Why would I buy her an MSX that has clutch and gears and more cc?

    And no, I won't take half a day off work, go 12km to the nearest DMV, wait for an hour and try to ask a Thai person who doesn't speak any English.

    They probably tell me something today and something else tomorrow.

    I rather ask a question here on GT-Rider where I will get a reliable answer.
  5. johngooding

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    I looked into this 4 years ago when I was in Khon Kaen. At that time you needed an ID card to get a licence and they can be obtained once reached 15 birthday. Both my ex wives twin girls got their ID cards within a week of their birthday, went on a riding course for 3 days and got their licenses. Yes they were only supposed to ride bikes up to 70cc, but these are not available and they never had any problem when showing their license when stopped riding a 110cc Mio
  6. KZ25

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    So you have to be 15 and do a course, then it's okay to ride a 110 because the BIB don't care?

    She's been riding with me on the back since she was 12 and by now she rides better than her mother.

    Guess I'll accompany her for the first few weeks.

    I remember riding a 50cc two-stroke when I was 15 and traffic was not that moped-friendly then.
  7. monsterman

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    There is a little known , special dispensation that allows School children under 15 to ride a small capacity bike to and from school so long as they are wearing uniform ,,,they do not require license ,, it was enacted back in the 80s to help rural kids getting to schools far from home .......however the whole thing has become a normal get out for kids in the towns and cities to ride with impunity even without school uniform .....the police rarely enforce the regulations ....TIT
  8. cdrw

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    Maybe the following will help...

    Though enacted in 1979, the Act is still valid and applies today
    Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2522 (1979)

    Section 43
    Anyone who wishes to drive a motor vehicle must apply for a driver's license according to following categories:
    6. License for a motorcycle

    Section 44
    A driver's license under the category #1 - #6 or #9 is valid for one year.

    Section 46
    Requirements for application of license
    1. He (applicant) is at least 18 years old. In case for a motorcycle up to 90cc, he is at least 15 years old.
    [ monsterman posted above, the BIB don't seem to enforce the 90cc rule for kids 15 years old]
    2. He has sufficient knowledge and skills for driving the vehicle.
    3. He understands traffic rules set by the Land Traffic Act.
    4. He doesn't have disabilities which affects him in driving the vehicle.
    5. He is certified by a medical doctor that he's not suffering from illnesses which endanger him in driving the vehicle.
    6. He is not suffering from mental illnesses.
    7. He doesn't have a driver's license which he wants to apply.
    8. His driver's license is not under suspension. In case his driver's license has been revoked, sufficient time has passed since the revocation.
  9. KZ25

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    Thanks, cdrw, for some reliable info!

    So a Thai has to be 18 years old to apply for a license for a 110cc bike, but a 15 year-old can make a license that is only legal for up to 90cc but nobody really cares.

    That means a 15 y o can apply for a license and if successful, may ride a 110 even though not legal.
  10. penetrator

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    Get a Honda Chaly, 70cc and semi automatic. It's a bit of a cult bike in Thailand, known locally as the Pop Chaly with riding clubs dedicated to it.

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