Attapue - Paksong - Tad_Lo - Sinouk Coffee Plantation

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    GPS Make / Model:- Zumo 660

    GPS Track Name:- Attapue-Paksong-Tad_Lo-Sinouk

    GPS Track Recorded by:- brian_bkk

    Start :- Attapue

    End:- Sinouk Coffee Plantation

    Way Points:- Paksong, Tadlo, Tadlo Lodge, Thateng,

    Date :- April 2012

    Season :- Hot

    Conditions :- Dry and dusty, few thunderstorms in the afternoon

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:-
    This is a lovely ride. Turn off and go up the dirt road to Paksong (You can stay near by at Thad Fane or one of the other resorts or just have lunch there).
    Have a Coffee in Paksong at Won Coffee.. run by Dirk (AKA Koffie) and his wife and small child.. Then take the dirt road and avoid the main road all the way to Thad Lo. Then head on to Sinouk coffee plantation to spoil yourself in a lovely chalet.. This is a nice ride for the middle of the day as it is much cooler once you get over 700 metres high.. even in April.



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