Attempt to break through Pa Co to Mai Chau

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  1. Break through Pa Co to Hang Kia and then to Mai Chau.
    2 days ride with 1 night in the boonies. Honda XR250
    Friend of mine once told me there is a way to break through Pa Co to Mai Chau.
    "Just head to the south" - he told me.
    So I took the chance.
    Frankly it was a nice dirt ride except my fall from IFV (that's how I call my bike) on very narrow and steep trail.
    I saw a few very nice child faces and probably they never seen a white guy before. all people were very friendly and offered help at any chance.
    One thing I have to mention. Then I asked two local guys about distance to Mai Chau they told me it's 5 km but actually it was about 25. Funny! They never saw map :)
    I didn't acomplish my mission. I didn't reach Mai Cau cause the trail became too dangerous: narrow and steep with big stones.
    Since I ride alone without a partner I hit the backtrack but I still think it is possible to break through with help of friend hand.


    U turn right








    Go there....

    No! Go there!



    Here is a couple of videos with example of trail:

  2. Looked Narrow and a Hell of a Drop off in Your Video! Nice Pictures and very Clear Sky compared to here at the moment. better luck next time!

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