Attempted theft of Mia nois yamaha today

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  1. was having lunch with Mia Noi Timm in a pattaya cafe ,on soi Buakao ,when she looks out the window and sees some thai man pushing her new yamaha scooter down the road ,,we rush out and see him about to load it onto a waiting pickup with 2 other guys ,, mia noi is screaming Kamoy and other thai expletives and this attracts a crowd , of motosai taxi guys from the nearby corner who grab the guy , pickup drove off quickly the guy tried bullshitting by saying they are liscensed recovery agents for non payment of finance , yeah right !!!!, ha she bought the bike cash from mityon new 4 months ago and actually carries the green book photo copy in her purse ,,,Mia noi is so enraged she starts on the guy with her 150,000v stun stick and the sharp end of one of her high heels , great woman .. i did calm her down ,,,,cops arrive they know the guy he is wanted for many motorsai thefts , we make statements at soi 9 , Timms bike is not evidence hooray so she can ride it home and the perp is helping the BIB with further enquiries .oh and the stun stick the cops said it was OTT and illegal as its a police weapon ,, she pointed out that she bought it for self protection off the stall in the carpark outside the front of the police station from the cop who runs the stall,, that shut them up ,

    on the way out of the police station she bought me one too its well made solid item , not your usual chinese plastic crap they sell on beach road it has a fully insulated aluminium body , led torch at one end with shock head pins , fully rechargable and puts out 150kv only 1800 baht also makes a good bludgeon
  2. I would tend to keep this a Secret if You have a Mia Noi!!! Or else Your Wife is more understanding than most woman! You should have got Him with Your Hammer Monsterman!
  3. I don't know you personally Monsterman but I have been following your stories and for my own safety, I think it's better that I keep it that way.

    Have fun with the Mia Noi. Just make sure you have enough money in order for your wife and children not to suffer financially from your extramarital affair..
  4. Some guys pay good money for that treatment!!
  5. Wife has known about the mia noi for years ,, Ok she is not over the moon about it but ,, i fully fund my wifes lifestyle her ambitions and daughter gets best schools , a horse , international holidays , just bought new ISUZU MUX car for my wife etc etc ,, truth is my marriage was over years ago but we are both better of staying friends and looking after my daughter in a civilised manner ,, my wife needs a lot of expensive medical treatment as well which I fund .. she is a good woman and great mother , but life aint always bl;ack and white
    mia Noi is actually 1 year older than my wife ,, she is a business owner and smart cooky ,, she gets on well with my daughter ,we have been together 8 years and very happy ,
  6. Pattaya. IMO the last place someone with legit means would prefer to be. Must be so many better places to spend ones days than that filthy shit hole.
  7. Feejer you seem to have a real downer on pattaya ,, I have been all over the world and its no better or worse then many cities i have spent time in ,,, sure its got a seedy side , but for convienience , good shopping , housing, schools , access to sport ,activities etc its better than most places , Chiang mai is better for access to great scenery but not for access to airport for my work and schools and other activities my daughter does she needs here and Bkk .

    i come from brighton in UK for crazy times , and loonies ,nutters seedy lifestyles and greedy ripoffs, political morons ,drug raging halfwits it takes a lot of beating .

    I have spent time living in LA,SF, they are also aweful places ,most of the cities i have worked in the UK are pure hellholes ,

    Pattaya aint perfect but it beats Bangkok or Phuket ,
  8. X1000

    Where the worst of the West meets the worst of Thailand.
  9. errr ?......not the worst , there are no western bankers, politicians , PC green slime in Pattaya to be the absolute worst we would have to let those scum in too.
  10. All about one's perspective I reckon. It's just with all the misadventures and near-misses you have shared, I would have thought that you had come to the same conclusion by now. But if you are making it work there for yourself and family, I salute you. Don't think I could, nor would I try.
  11. Great story M! Does the MN do any private eye investigative work? I'd like to hire her to find my stolen CBR250...

    These bike thieves are so brazen, stealing a bike in broad daylight! I just wonder if any of these thieves ever do any prison time?
  12. Sorry Billy , Timm is busy lady , and your bike is now in cambodia or the parts shops ,

    feejer , I know Pattaya can be fullon but where i came from wasmuch the same ,,,and I have visited and worked all over the world , seen worse and better places but life is what you make of a challenge .

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