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  1. MuddyMick

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    Dave, hiya, we met on the road to Luang Prabang a while back and had our photos taken together. I got hit by aarmy lorry 20 min from home, fractured ulna and tibia, got robbed in the Hospital, camera, GPS, money, compass, 2 phones. Dont have pic of us together, could you please mail me a copy of the one you had taken of us on your camera?

    Muddy Mick
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  3. DavidFL

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  4. MuddyMick

    MuddyMick Ol'Timer

    Dave, cheers mate! Your map is fantastic, when I can afford another GPS, I would like to buy a map chip from you, I no longer work for Aruna, got screwed over by them.......

    Mick :thumbup:
  5. MuddyMick

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    Dave, the Cambo Army paid my medical costs and bike damage, but no help re compensation, Aruna "does not pay for downtime" so thats me with 3 months lost income, money earned from Aruna paid the rent for 3 months, plus my medication, eat once a day, loosing weight. It will take me a month to get back into good riding condition.

    Mick :happy2:

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