Audi is in talks to buy Italian motorcycle maker Ducati

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  1. Hi Friends, hi Monsterman,

    A breaking new which won't make happy few of us (I am thinking especially to Monsterman), the true Ducati afficionados !

    FRANKFURT: Volkswagen unit Audi is in talks to buy Italian motorcycle maker Ducati, sources familiar with the matter told reporters on Tuesday.

    Audi is in advance talks with Investindustrial, the Italian private equity owner of Ducati, a source familiar with the talks said.

    Another source confirmed that Audi and Ducati's owners are in talks.

    Audi is conducting due diligence and a decision about a purchase is expected by mid April, one of these sources said.

    Volkswagen, Audi and Ducati's owners declined comment. Earlier this month Investindustrial said it was looking for a "world class industrial partner" for Ducati.

    VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech, who said he drives Ducatis himself, admitted a few years ago that he regretted not having acquired the brand back then when Ducati could have been bought "for peanuts".

    I fear, it will lose the true spirit of Ducati, in the BMW/Austin style of take over...My humble opinion.
  2. It could be worse, at least Audi makes quality products and is European. This as reported by Bloomberg earlier this month............
    "Ducati Eyed by Hero MotoCorp as Indian Motorbike Maker Looks for Takeovers
    Ducati Motor Holding SpA (DMH), maker of luxury bikes ridden by celebrities such as Brad Pitt, is among assets being examined by Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (HMCL) as India’s biggest motorcycle maker looks for acquisitions to expand overseas.
    Lots of people have been coming to us with Ducati -- not one banker but many bankers,” Pawan Kant Munjal, managing director of Hero, said in a March 2 interview in New Delhi. “We’re talking to a lot of people. Not just Ducati -- whoever comes to us, we talk to them."
  3. if Hero win it may not be bad for ducati either as TATA India has done wonders for Jaguar and Landrover in UK with massive investment in technology , style and plant .

    Time will tell.
  4. How can it "lose the spirit" when it's taken over by a (pretty good) car maker vs. the existing "investment consortium".

    I can't imagine Audi or for that matter anyone would want to mess with Ducati design ...
  5. Hi Friends,

    A great day today, or for me a sad one....Deal done ! Audi tooke over Ducati for some 860 millions Euros as officially announced today and to be introduced to the Audi Volkswagen General Assembly to morrow....Please refer to the numerous press releases which are flourishing everywhere.

    At the opposite of may forumer Friends, I see it as a big turn and maybe a threat for the Ducati spirit; many Italian newspapers and Ducati Fans do regret it as well, but money talks and the funds who was carrying Ducati wanted to realised. Looking at the yearly turnover -480 millions Euros for 2011- and the profit -110 millions Euros-, the sale amount is very good in terms of ratio.

    I must admit the Winner.....Unfortunately !!!

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