Australian Paraplegic Male/41yold retired to Asia-looking to build an ENDURO TRIKE

Oct 15, 2012
Hi everyone, I had a m-bike accident in Victoria, Australia in 1991. 21 years ago.
Ive build the ass ends and fabrication, welding and motor trimming of many vehicles including 2 HARLEY TRIKES...Sold now 10 years ago.
Lim looking a Building a Trike in 4-6 months and basing in Thailand. Ive back packed mostly on my own for the last 3 years. Mainly philippines, but also Thailand 4 times, Vietnam 2 times and 1 time Cambodia.

Im looking at building a motorcross/ ENDURO type TRIKE.

IS THE HONDA CRF250L a good bike? Easy to register? Well made?
Or is there a better bike new like this that may be another option?

I want to travel dirt roads offroad, but nothing crazy offroad. I want it to be strong enough to sit on 90-100 kms with say 30 kg of luggage in an Aluminium TRAILOR and 10kg sporty w-chair strapped to the trike...

ANY INPUT SO MUCH APPRECIATED... I'm just learning how to use a forum. :). Thx


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Gday & welcome.
It sounds like you must know what your doing building bikes / trikes then; & it would be great so see a few pix of them.

Re learning the forum, take it easy....there's a starters thread here for you!
with links to info answering many of the questions you've asked.

As a para you must have had some interesting experiences backpacking alone in Philippines, Thailand & Cambodia the last few years.

The best guy for building trikes here would be Joe at Joe's Bike Team, [email protected] to get the right info direct from the horses mouth.
Oct 15, 2012
Cheers for the heads up on that info Dave. I'm back in CHIANG MAI in early Dec, so I'll go say g'day to Joe.
Where is there a bar that attracts bikers that maybe are locals in C Mai? Or particular cafe etc , so I can go there and have beer a pick a few brains?
thx Dave.
Oct 15, 2012
In SIAGON now, only have an iPad.
Cant upload pics from iPad photos to G,T. PROFILE??
I tried then the website option as I have Harley pics in facebook so I copied the URL from the Facebook stored pick but GT don't like it? Why guys?