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  1. Hi to everyone, I'm new here and require some advice. If I'm riding from Hua Hin to Koh Chang which is the shortest route to take to avoid Bangkok? Or is there a ferry that I can take to Pataya and continue from there? I'm lost in Bangkok most of the time and I hate the jam. Please help.
  2. You'll waste more time and get just as lost trying to go north of BKK and come back as you will just biting the bullet.

    If you come in from Hua Hin, you can keep to the south (off the expressways) and go to Phra Pradaeng, where there is a little ferry that takes you into Samut Prakan, from where it is pretty painless to Koh Chang. You want to take 344 to Klaeng and avoid the whole Pattaya/Jomtien complex.

    You'll need good maps to do this.

  3. Got it thanks a lot, great help.
  4. Don't even have to bother with the ferry. There's a perfectly good bridge that you 'can' use. Saphan Wong Wan. Officially bikes aren't allowed on it but there're no checks. Just stay left to Pu Chao Saming Road and at the t-junction after the bridge turn right and then straight to Samrong and Suckhumvit. Turn left here for Bang-na or right for No3 highway to the East. And Bob's your father's brother!

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