avoiding Bkk ??

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  1. I soon want to ride Phuket - Isaan, Buriram etc.

    Any suggestions how to get around Bkk ??
    Sitting in my sidecar, 60cm above ground, guess my wife wouldnt survive the exhaust fumes
  2. Hi Pico,
    Get a map of the area it is pretty simple once you get going. You are not allowed on Expressways so you have to follow along the Lower Roads. Signs are a bit confusing so try and work out the route before you get there. Out of Bangkok Roads and Highways are great around Thailand, beautiful riding. Hope you get up to Chiang Mai.
  3. SHould have been more precise=
    would you go around bkk heading North on HW 4 + 9 direction Nakhon Nayok

    South HW 35 + 3 direction Chachoengsao

    I dont mind miles more as long it is more pleasant
  4. You can't go around BKK (yet) south of the city. To avoid (too much) traffic I suggest generally 4 to Nakhon Pathom, 323 to Kanchanaburi, 324 to Suphan Buri, 329/33 to Nakhon Nayok, 33 to Pratchinburi, 3077? through Khao Yai Nat park etc.
    You can find all the small roads on your own map to avoid the main roads and to be able to relax and take in where you are rather than concentrate on everyone else. . Ie 3394 from Ban Pong to 3356 to 3260 to Suphan Buri etc....

    Hwy 9 (ring road) would be quicker but....

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