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  1. We met a guy named Tip that runs dirtbike tours out of Baantawan Guesthouse in Pai. He will let you use one of his dirtbikes if you want, or you can use your own. We rode dirtbikes from Chiang Mai to Pai so we just used our own. He took us on an amazing off-road adventure. We went through some pretty challenging stuff, including river crossing, steep hills up and down, slippery clay, and a lot of mud. I have dirt-biked for many years and had a lot of fun. If you are less experienced, i am sure he can take you on an easier ride. We went to some great look-out spots, visited a Lisu hill tribe village, and a small army base. Tip was a lot of fun to hang out with, and he is also very eager to help with anything. He helped my father for a full day before the ride to get his bike running better, after some trouble on the drive from Chiang Mai. He refused to accept any payment for his extra help so we just gave him a generous tip for the tour (which seemed very cheap anyways). I highly recommend using Tip to see the back-country of Pai. He is an x-army guy, and knows all the trails in the area, as he has lived there for most of his life. Baantawan Guesthouse was also very nice right on the river. If anyone wants to check out our pics, they are on our website
    Have fun and here is there contact info:
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
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  2. Went back to Pai a few weeks ago to do some offroading with some buddies who needed to rent bikes. Aya's XR's are getting really tired now so I looked up old Tip again. He is still riding but couldn't join us as there was a family party he had to join. Anyways, he rented us a bike that was much better then what Aya had to offer. Tip still seems like a good guy and I am always happy to recommend him. BTW; I guess he doesn't usually rent bikes without going out with them but he made an exception since he remembers me.
  3. I'll third on that as I rode with Tip two months ago taking a day tour. Also stayed in ("I think his sisters guest house") BanTawan which was nice as well she was.

    Hada blast with Tip and showed him some tracks that I've done already and he made sure to take me on some new stuff. My only bad remark was when he drove us tote hot spring and the temp was 40 C.!!!!!!!! I said, "tip it's [email protected]&$ing 40 take me to the cold spring in stead lol... So he brought me over to the river which was good to soak my legs in....
  4. Yes, he is a very good guide!!
    But Baan Tawan, his sister, built some new buildings with a little expensive rooms.
    Some years ago the wood rooms about 300 baht. Now, the new (nice) rooms about 700 baht (no AC, no fridge), thats very expensive for pai.
    We been in Farmers Home, about 1km from Baan Tawan, the bungalow only 250 baht and swimming pool too. The guesthouse and Bungalows in pai sometimes expensive, better stay not in the city
  5. a group of us, 4 riders and a family stayed a t ban tawaan a couple f weeks back and went with TIP for the day,
    had a real blast riding tracks around Pai

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