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  1. I IMPORTED THESE BOOTS FROM THE STATES AT A COST OF $240 US ( THE PRICE IS STILL ON THE BOX), $75 TO SEND AND THE CUSTOMS RELEIVED ME OF 4000 BAHT,THEY ARE AXO RC-6,I BOUGHT THEM AS A 10 BuT THEY ARE TOO SMALL AND ARE A 9/43 AND NO BIGGER,ASKING 7500 BAHT, WILL POST ANYWHERE, PAYPAL OK. i cant work out how to add a pic so click on here, i left the lid on the box open and the sun has made one of the plastic pieces on the boot go a little yellowy but im sure with use the other one will go the same,they have never been worn,. ... 99152435d2
  2. Hi there,
    I expect you are mikethevigoman from Thai Visa (apologies if you are not!)
    Just to thank you (if you are) for putting me in touch with this site...there is a wealth of info
  3. YES ,tis me,welcome to gt rider,.
  4. Hey... I recomended GT-Rider as well...

    no body loves me...

    welcome to GT-Rider...

  5. Daewoo
    Indeed you did mate!
    And cheers too!
  6. Oohhhh...

    I feel so warm and fuzzy now... someone does love me...


    Hey I was reading on TV that you got suspended... what's the story???


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