Baan Ricky Enduro

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  1. Baan Ricky Enduro Sunday March 17th 2013

    This will be a multi lap time card enduro run in accordance with FIM regulations . Entries can be made via email or post, up until march 11th, late entries will be subject to availablity at an additional cost

    There will be 3 time schedules for different ablities ; expert, clubman, novice riders. 2 classes in each schedule. Up to 180cc and over 180cc

    Entries will be 500 baht before March 11th, 1000 baht for late entries

    Award and/or price money will be judged after entries close
    The course will be approx 35 kilometres per lap,
    This will be fun weekend for riders and friends/family member, but run with a competition element

    Contact ; [email protected] tel ; 0895317347

    The motorcyles will need to be road legal and in a safe condition

    The rider should have a driving licence for type of machine they will be using

    Accommodation can be booked if you email your requirement, also there is free camping on the complex
  2. Sounds like brilliant fun! Hope I can make it!! :happy1:
  3. That will be a ripper weekend for sure..

    Will be there....

    Assume there will be camping as we as the two bungalows?

  4. Bump for this event as only a couple of weeks away...

    Should be great fun..
  5. Bump again - I am excited for this event. I heard the course was very challenging!

  6. Yeah, I guess it is. Not extremly difficult, but it costs energy. 30km loop on both sides of River Kwai goes to a 7km specialtest in the bambojungle and the hillsides at Sai Yoke Yai. We marked the course very well with arrows, but you have to ride carefull all the time. Otherwise you´ll get lost easily. 3 loops (only for proffs) will make you dead. A Camelbag is needed, big as possible!!
  7. It must be good if you're involved Harry - the original old enduro fox!
    LOL. :thumbup:
  8. It was a great event with a perfect organisation and delicous buffet in Baan Ricky. Thank you, Alan, Kate and Micha for these nice days in Sai Yoke.

    Of some reasons no attachments, sorry boys. Don´t know why.
  9. A fantastic weekend at Baan Ricky with a great bunch of guys!

    Thank you Alan, Harry and Joel for putting together such a fun and challenging course! Hope to make it out to Baan Ricky again soon!

    Here's a video of a cool trail that Alan took us on after lunch. Damn lucky I was able to find the camera at the end!
  10. Hi Harry,

    Attachments are no longer allowed as hackers try and use this as a conduit to the site and cause havoc.

    You can still share your photos via other methods..

    Go to the picture on FB and right click the copy Image location then paste here
    The -- at the front it not needed, just to make the text after show

    Example here linking you FB pic to the forum.

    Or in this case assuming your album is public you can share the Album from FB
  11. A lap around the enduro course that Harry and Alan set up near Baan Ricky, part 1 of 2:
  12. Thank you for the Videos, Tony. Looks good! We´re nearly back home, past Lampang allready. Good luck, boys. Hope to see again.
  13. Congrats Harry on your victory! What a fun day for all of us, looking forward to doing it again next season, or sooner. Here is my quick cut of the track...

    Cheers to all who came and special thanks to Alan and Harry for organizing ad setting the course.


    PS: Vimeo apparently won't allow embedding of HD Video with a free account. Bastards! Anyway, click on the HD icon for better image... ;)
  14. Great vid Mike!! Shame you guys didn't stick around for the afternoon trail ride and final lap on the circuit- all you had to do was finish to get 4th or 5th place ;)

    Brian from Pattaya and Ruben both dropped out due to injury, Matt's (I think it was Matt?) CRF-X got a hole punched in the engine case on the second lap so he was out. The guy on the KTM 350 (sorry, can't remember his name) dropped out exhausted, and Trevor DQ'd by missing a turn somewhere, so in the end just by finishing I think I placed 3rd or 4th! Also, the slippery bits had dried out nicely by the afternoon, so the 3rd and final lap was actually quite a bit easier than when we had to contend with the slippery red dirt slopes in the morning. Brilliant fun, but I have to say that the ride back to Bangkok through Sunday evening traffic was pretty miserable!

    Here's part 2/2 of my video, sorry but I'm too lazy to edit and add a nice soundtrack like you did ;)
  15. Nice vdo Mike. Looks like a lot of fun (for you younger guys.) Ban Ricky certainly is putting on some good stuff.
  16. Ha! The oldest guy on the slowest bike won the race!!!! :lol-sign:
  17. Great weekend, thanks to all of you. Lot of new faces for me, and i hope to see you all in the near future.
    Keep on riding.

  18. That world class KLX... LOL
  19. Hey Ruben! Good to see you on GT-Rider! Hope your wrist is ok? Did Brian get an X-ray? Look forward to catching up with you again for another blast some time! Happy Trails! Tony :happy1:
  20. Hi Tony,

    My hand is getting better every day, Brian is also ok, no need for x-ray just time of the bike and he will be ok.

    For sure we will ride again, when i am back from work in June.

  21. Good luck for your hand and ribs, Ruben and Brian. Hope you´ll get better very soon. I like to go on a ride with your boys again.
  22. Liebe Harry,

    I hope you won't mind if I copy and past some of your pictures from your facebook account?


    Beer O'Clock!

    Fantastic dinner Saturday night courtesy of Cat-

    Sunday was race day! Ready to roll!

    Starting gate-

    The first bit was very tricky- off camber, tight and slippery and easy to get lost-

    Ruben and Brian-

    Alan and Harry-


    Fast Brian ;)

    Harry ready to show us how it's done!


    Chillaxin under the rubber trees-

    Trevor and Mike-


    Game over for the CRFX

    Tony, Mike and Brian on the starting line-

    Congrats Harry!

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