Baby Duke for the Asian market ??

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  1. India Likely To Be Lucky To Receive Elder Baby Of KTM Duke 125 Which Shall Be KTM Duke 200 ... n-nations/


    KTM and Bajaj are genuinely rising up the adrenaline level in us. News incepted when a rumor was in air that some foreign bikes manufacturer is planning to enter Indian market with some off road bike. Later it was known that the company is KTM but what is the bike about? And finally we were motivated to convey that it is going to be KTM Duke 125.

    And may be this part also goes as rumor for the future listing when officially the bike for India is revealed. No doubt it is going to be KTM Duke but engine capacity may vary.

    Recently KTM exposed some FAQ(frequently asked question) on KTM Duke 125 and a question surprisingly interesting is noticeable which says as,

    Will there be a version with more displacement?
    At some point in the future the 125 Duke will be introduced to selected Asian and South
    American markets with a displacement of 200 ccm
    . There are also other motor variants
    planned for Europe – up to a maximum of 350 ccm. But there’s no definite timetable for this

    So may be India will receive a better variant of the Duke 125. Nothing can be done except waiting but this post may get some thoughts in your mind to start saving money for the 200cc orange baby.

    India may just get lucky because there are chances of getting the elder brother of 125 Duke called KTM 200 Duke. The news came straight from the headquarters of the Austrian company, KTM. According to the news India including South America and Asia are going to get higher version of KTM Duke apparently called KTM 200 Duke.


    After this sudden shift in plans, we cannot still believe the words of KTM regarding the engine capacity of the bike to be launched. As of now, KTM is sticking to its statement of launching 200cc Duke to India. As regards the engine capacity and performance, this elder KTM is speculated to generate the power of more than 20ps. It is further speculated that the new bike will be around 130Kgs and fitted with WP suspensions.

    Speaking of the looks, KTM 200 is expected to be more hunky and stylish. KTM is also planning a bike of 350cc in Europe. Indians may, in a year or two, expect the even higher versions of the bike. Well, one thing is for sure that KTM is coming to India no matter what the displacement of the engine is like. Sources say that no matter whatever the circumstances are but the bike is definitely coming by 2011. KTM will use Bajaj Chakan plant to produce the bike.

    Also according to the news, KTM decided to launch 200 Duke because no one will actually spare about a lakh rupees for a 125cc bike. However, Europe is getting 125cc KTM for sure. KTM duke has released an FAQ section of their facebook fan page which confirms that the Austrian company will release 200cc capacity bikes for selected Asian and South American Markets. KTM is coming to India no matter what. We hope to see KTM 200 Duke in India by next year, keep your fingers crossed guys.
  3. The 125 Duke is a real for sure bike.. Being released as a urban hopper for young Euro market.. Looks kinda cool styling in a beefier KSR sort of way, and KTM are offering loads of customizing options and in true KTM hoon fashion stuff like 12 bars and stunt pegs etc..

    Now the idea of a larger 200cc one for the asian market.. Seems like a superb idea.. I would probably take a 200cc Duke over a d-tracker or Hondas sportbike-lite offerings..

    Also the implied pricing above, that no one would pay 1 lakh Rupees for a 125 in India, well thats 67.5 k Baht.. So if they are shooting for anything in the under 2 Lakh price range its still very appealing price wise.

    Then if I can just drift off to fantasy island for a bit.. So this 200cc platform is going to be up to 350cc in Europe.. Does that mean you could simply do some top end tomfoolery and end up with a 350 Duke on the cheap ?? Just keeps getting better and better..

    Speculation on web blogs is calling for a spring 2011 timeline.. Will be one to watch.
  4. 125kg and 25 bhp should be fun though

    I read in the Brazilian release it was 140kg and 22BHP.
  5. I must say it looks Great! Would be Great fun on any Tight Roads but maybe Lacks any Long Haul ability but they should still sell heaps.
  6. Great looking bike but they're taking the piss a bit with that price... :/
  7. In regards to the price .... the question is .... Is it a KTM quality bike or a Indian bike with KTM label?
    In case of the latter I think the price a much to high otherwise just a bit high (and not smart to go just over the 200k)

    But still looking as a great toy bike and if the HP/weight is correct much better as a DT.

    Chang Noi
  8. Really like the look of this bike but 200cc is really small. Wish I was 60kg and a few years younger.

    Looks like the seat is a bit more comfy than a D-tracker, which is a very good thing.

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