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  1. Ian told me about this product so I ordered it from white horse gear ( Works great for me when riding. But my back is a real mess so not good for walking. It is a lot more comfortable then what I have been using.

    Thanks Ian
  2. I"m going through some medical stuff out of the blue. I plan on being there just not sure I will be on the bike. It would be good to see everybody
  3. Had an MRI brain scan, so I may make Khan Kean my not be on the bike though.

    Got a mysterious pain apparently generated form the brain bucket, unbelievably intense lower jaw teeth and then into the upper teethe, Bad enough that ended up in the E.R at 2300 hours and for shot that blocks the nerve endings it worked. But the meds that I had been given before didn't.

    So he sent me for a brain MRI, I told him it waste of time all he see was a void a I had never been issued one. To my surprise there was something there. A clear image of an old man laying on a recliner and two topless Asian beauty's fanning him while a third was at the second head taking care of business, martini in one hand and a cigar in the other. So now we know what is on my brain.

    Truth is no cancer or tumors, small lesion on the frontal lobe for a fight or accident, Not eh cause of the problem so a change in meds and off we go, darn house is starting to look like a pharmacy,

    Still don't know what is causing the problem so treating the symptom and pain for the moment.

    While I was waiting for the MRI there was an old man in a wheel chair, his wife bright him some rice he wanted to share it with me. Then I remembered why I want to be here with all it's problems I would never find that anywhere else I have ever been.

    So it's a good life for me, it;'s the small things that really matter. :take-that:

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