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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by dlevedag, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. After a long 5.5 month recovery. Dirty (David) is back in Chiang MAi and ready to ride. I'm still not quite 100%. I was wondering if any of you old men could give me a some pointers on the "art of going slow and taking it easy"?

    Word- Dirty

    PS- I have a wheelchair for the (knock on wood) next man to get hurt.
  2. Dirty Dave,
    Welcome back. I hope you've recovered ok from the twice broken leg.
    Lets get together with Auke this week to talk about biz.
    Give me a ring or sms.
  3. Great to see your ass is back here.

    I just got back in from four days in the bush, exploring some of your tracks.

    Gimme a ring as I am a master of the casual pace and loathe hard work and sweating unless she's really worth it. Lets hook up and go in search of more trails.

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