Back on two wheels, at long last.


Jul 21, 2007
Finally at long last Ive got a bike again. After being buggered about, by a certain Pattaya bike shop, for four months.
Got myself a 600 Shadow on Christmas day, cheers santa :lol:
Took it for a run up to Ayutthaya from Ban Chang to check it out and found the clutch was on the way out. Took it back to the shop and left it with them while we were on holiday. Picked it up on the 10th with a new clutch and a back rest for the missus fitted for free.
13th Jan left Ban Chang and headed up the 331, 304 & 319 to Prachin Buri swung a left onto the 33 then 329 to Bang Pahan and up the 347 to Maharat.
Quick brew and dumped some stuff at the house then headed off on the 3267 passed Saraburi then up route 2 till the 2090 turn off into Khao Yai.
Stopped for the night at the Khao Yai Cowboy, 1200THB for a superier room & breakfast. Was bloody frozen when we arrived and hot water was in short supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
14th Jan set well wrapped up through the park, while since I'd been there and forgot about some of the speed bumps :roll:
Took a back road down to Nakon Nayok, which tried to shake us and the bike apart, and a stop for coffe and fuel then down the 305 to Rangsit, missus wanted to go to the market.
Headed up the frontage road, nightmare, alongside the 347 passed Ayutthaya to Bang Pahan and home to Maharat.
After a night in Maharat headed off yesterday morning for the run back down to Ban Chang.
All in all had a real good run and clocked up a good few km's. Bike running like a dream but might change the pipes to quieter ones :shock:
Have to get in touch with some of the riders down this way for some runs.