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  1. been looking around trying to find out as much as possible about PP and Cambodia in general. Found this. Think it's good info for first time travellers to Cambo. ... country=38

    Hope the link works.

    I heard about pizza that has you in a stupor for a few days. Would that be the HAPPY HERBS PIZZA?

    CAMBODIA Happy Herb¡¦s Pizza Place, Phnom Penh - thebackpackersjoint - 0 replies
    posted: 2007-01-14 13:14:52
    The ORIGINAL place of the ¡¥very¡¦ happy pizza
    Come and try it and it is guaranteed that you will leave there happy!

    Located on Sisowath Quay opposite the river
  2. My favourite ad :

    CAMBODIA Sihanoukville Home Cooking - thebackpackersjoint - 0 replies
    posted: 2007-01-27 08:22:42
    Sihanoukville Home Cooking
    Missing food from home like that huge full breakfast or massive proper dinner?
    Then eat at Mick & Craig¡¦s Restaurant for wonderful Western cuisine
    After which they¡¦ll arrange a guided walk to get rid of those calories or even teach you how to cook Cambodian food for your next meal!
  3. SuziQ,

    Have you checked out and the associated forums... very active and usually good responses... only problem is that you waste so much time just reading everything on there... probably too active...

    Also have a look at ... lots of good info, especially for Angkor ... The Forum associated with that site is a little less active...

  4. TQ, D! The talesofasia was very informative.[:)]
  5. SuziQ...
    I'd suggest the Starfish bakery for a decent Western they support as well as employ disabled Khmers. For Pizza..that is excellent (better pizza than Herb's) and without the 'happiness factor', go to the Oasis Hotel...on Ekkareach.
  6. CD,
    Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out the next time I pass through. I still haven't seen Sihanoukville and the villages outside PP.
  7. ... esthouses/
  8. Hey Suzi, and follow the links since this thread seems to be about advertising.

    as for riding info I find this to be the most informative site and always direct customers here for current info.
  9. I did check that place out. was supposed to meet some people there but didn't work out. Thanks for the tip, will check it out.

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