Feb 11, 2003
Just a quick report of my trip to Mae Sai and back.
Decided to rent a CB400 for a quick 1 nighter to stamp my visa.( had to sell my bike recently and now have to rent until i buy a new bike!)

My usual place was out of bikes and my second choice was also out.
I saw a fairly new / good nick bike, but as my passport was needed, they wanted 20,000b straght up as deposit. ( as well as 20,000 for mae sai immigration???? Thai baht doesnt grow on my trees!)and he realy didnt want any kind of comprimise or alternative and as i dont usualy trust leaving this sort of cash with any shop, it was decided mutualy to call off the deal.
Time being of the escence here as i was planning on staying Thaton after Mae Sai and it was now 11.00 i had to take what was going.
It turned out to be 'Mr Beer' ( nice name, but more on the said shop later!!!!)
He was in such a rush he only wanted whatever i driving lisence. Took my money, gave me the key and was off again! (service whith out a smile)
The bike seemed ok, except for having to release the clutch lever nearly fully out to get moving.(anyone with any smaller fingers wouldnt have a chance of moving.)

The trip was fairly un-eventful. The roads are pretty good, except some road works for a few k's around Vieng pa-pao.
Great riding weather. Clear blue skys with a bit of a fresh nip in the shade.
Arrived in good time, stocked up on the usual cds/dvd's.
Met a friend who was heading back about 17.30 on his honda wave. (hope he packed a jumper!)
I stayed for a few beers and food, instead of the cold, dark return leg.

It was on the way back next morning that the bikes electrics decided to play up and i lost my horn, indicators, and lights! ( only full beam worked.)
Also had a car pull out straght in front of me, flashing me to get out the way. This was not easy when i had a bike to my left and behind! The ****er was determined to just ram straght through me! ( atempted murder in my books!) having to slam my brakes on and pull behind the guy to my left to escape certain squashing! left a big black stain on the road and a big brown one in my boxers!!!( just had enough time to flick a finger, its time like these small rocks should be kept at arms length to fly through their windscreens.)

Calmed down by the river and continued on slowly.

Got back to Chiang mai and i was about 3 hours late with the bike.
I explained that the bike wasnt working and no saftey features ( except brakes luckily) were working and i had to take it slower due to this, but they wanted 300b extra!( i was also overcharged 100b at the start, but didnt have time to argue.)
I politley told them that was slightly unfare due to the condition of the bike, but they didnt want to know.
i explained politely if the bike was in full working order, which you should expect from them for 700b/day, then yes iam late, i'll pay, but shite condition, pay over the odds + extra 300b- FECK NO!

I was taken to what i presume was the boss's wife.
What a DRAGON! She literaly shouted at me from the first second, demanding the 300b and didnt see why if the bike wasnt in working condition should make any difference and she didnt care a toss.
She made me speak to 'mr beer' on the phone, who also from the first second talked to me like i was a piece of shit falang who should just pay up and shut up!
I told him to come and sort this problem out face to face. He said he would come but whilst waiting the old crone had to brocker a comprimise.
It seems this company couldnt give a toss about the customer (not one person i dealt with during the rental period could even muster so much as a half smile!) and just want to bleed you for as much as they can and then move on to the next mug. I dont know how they have lasted this long. I was very polite and kept my temper intact despite great provocation!

Iam not sure if any one else has had problems with them?
Rented from them before?

To top it all i had to wear my usual face protector over my head, under my helmet, as my helmet had got a bit funky the last few months of inaction, so it wasnt over my nose and face as usual.
I then looked in the mirror to see the sight of my burnt red nose and cheeks, glowing brighter then any Christmas / New year decoration ever seen![:(!]
I wont be seen on the streets of Chiang mai until my glow calms down!


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Yeah Mr & Mrs Beer are an odd couple alright. Perhaps it's something to do with their "name"?
A few times I’ve had some pretty weird / odd experiences there myself & you never quite know what's going on / how they are going to react to the most simple straight forward questions.
Fortunately I’ve never rented a bike from them as I never quite felt confident enough. Strange isn’t it? But there would seem to be lots of others who don’t have any trouble, so who are the odd ones out, us or them?

Keep The Power On
Apr 23, 2005
I can feel your experience & emotional pain. I've similar situation at Mr. Mechanic-not with the owner, but with her lady assistance. First it was with the bike-Honda CB400, keep having electrical problems. My times, and day was wasted, too I'm afriad to take it out of town, fear if it broke down in no man land or mountains. I end up with Honda CB750 & try another CB400 (#4). When I return the bike 4 hours late, try to explain the reasons to owner's lady assistance-with no avail. I pay up! But overall I enjoyed my up north trip, despite the whole situations. And I'll make the trip again this June 2006. I'm glad there're more than one shops to choose from, and I would encourage more Thai (and farang) enterprise spirit to open more shop, so this kind of service would not repeat to other customer.

Brihan Woolman


Feb 11, 2003
Hiya Woolman,

Yep, it seems up you have to take your chances with the condition of the bikes you get.
I've heard of bikes from most of the shops having problems, but what can you expect when there rented out most days and most probably thrashed most days and have been for years! ( if its not your bike your gonna go for it and to hell with the engine.)

I just suggest getting the newest model from one of the more respected shops and cross your fingers.

Its not so much the bike problems, which you expect from time to time, but more the attitude of the shop owners.
I also rent cars from time to time and if you bring a car back 3 hours late to 'North wheels' they usualy smile and say thankyou and dont ask for any extra.

I can understand your frustrations when you pay a lot of money for to have a bike for a limited time and you cant get going!!!!!
Lets hope your next trip up here is problem free!
Dec 13, 2003
I find it hard to believe that somebody thinks 700 baht to rent a bike for a day is a lot of money. I know from experience that very little money is made in the rental business.



Feb 11, 2003
When i said a lot of money, i didnt mean its in inflated price,( well this one was by 100b) its a good price to have a bike for a day,(if it works!) but when you live here and dont earn massive amounts, to have a bike for a few days ( over 1000b with a tank of petrol)and it doesnt work and you cant get out of Chiang mai ( as i was talking about in 'Woolman' case) iam sure it does seem like A LOT OF MONEY!