Bagkok? Some questions....

Apr 10, 2006
Hi Folks!

We stay in Bangkok for the next 15 or up to 20 days. And we want to organize the next transport for our Honda Africa Twin from here to Kathmandu in Nepal by air. We also have to look for the next visas...

Question 1: Somebody here to organize the transport together (much cheaper then)?
Question 2: Which Cargo Company is recommended?
Question 3: Who know a motorbike shop here in Bangkok to get some Spare Parts (Spark Plugs, Oilfilter, Backtyre, Mirrors and so on) for a Honda Africa Twin?
Question 4: Where is a place to wash (or let wash) the bike, as close as possible to Khao San?
Question 5: Is there a agency who organize visas for Iran and Pakistan? We only found heaps of agencies for India, but not more in this direction?
Question 6: What about the time to spend for a visarun for Iran, and how long does it take for one for Pakistan, if we have to do it by ourself? We are germans...

We know, that this a lot of questions, but we are happy for each answers that is helpful.
So, Thanks a lot for your help![:D]

All the Best and safe Travels
Tanja & Christian
Dec 13, 2003

I assisted Sjaak ( who flew his bike from Bangkok to Kathmandu. I attach e-mail from the company in Bangkok


Dear Mr.Sjaak,

Thanks for your information. Airline will charge for the bigger weight
between gross weight and volume weight. For this case, 2.2 CBM is approx
367.0 kgs, while gross weight is approx 270.0 kgs. Airline will charge for
367.0 kgs.

Please kindly find the attached file of quotation for your references;

1) The bike has to be packed in crate, please kindly advise the size of the
bike by return in order to advise the wooden crate packing charge
2) Please advise the pick up address in order to quote to pick up charge.
The pick up charge in BKK area is THB 1200.00/ 4 wheels car, THB 1600.00/
3) This is kind of personel effect, it has to be export in the name of
Transpeed Co., Ltd. The charge is THB 1000.00/ Shipment.
4) Freight charge is THB 48.00/ kg.++ C.S is Crisis Surcharge: THB 2.00/
kg., F.S. is Fuel surcharge: THB 10.00/ kg.
5) Other charges has been presented in quotation.
6) The advance payment is required before the arrangement.

Please confirm your received by return.

Should you have any inquiry or need more information, please feel free to
contact us undersigned.

Thanks and Best Regards,

T R A N S P E E D C O., L T D.
Tel: 662 249 9001, Fax: 662 249 5511, 249 9014
Cell Phone: 661 821 7220
E-MAIL: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


Jun 9, 2005
the spare parts you can order at siam superbike take a look at his website. its a shop of a new zeelander Peter Reid . the location you can find at his website