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  1. I came across this place at Thung Wa laen Beach Chumphon. Its was just a shophouse with a couple of bikes in a workshop, no bar, but unfortunately I don't meet the membership requirement so didn't check it out.

  2. Craypot
    Yeah yeah rumour has it that's RobertH's new getaway spot.

    Welcome back - long time no see or hear.
    How's it going - what's all the news?
    Missed you in Vte in Jan - did you go?
  3. Unfortunately didn't make it to VTE this time, just BKK and Chumpon. Still based in Aus and playing around with a light weight dirt tourer.

    Pharrk, wrong photo.

    this one

  4. I remember Thung Wua Laen Beach, about 15 km from Chumpon - nice clean water, cheap bungalows for 400-500 Baht. Not busy, not many foreigners, only thais on the weekend. Not too developed when I was there a few years ago; hope that hasn't changed much.
    It was my "secret getway" place, I lived 100km north for about 7 years.
    Only drawback were the sandflies on the beach!

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