Balikpapan two days enduro.

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    Balikpapan Two Days Enduro on Borneo Indonesia ended on the 17th of Feb. After the race there were 90 participants still missing but the rescuers succeeded to find 70 of them alive but there are still 20 missing. One person, a 35 year old Australian died due to hydration or heart failure. It is unclear if there was 800 or 700 hundred riders participating so the number of uncounted missing participants is still a little unclear.

    Here is some posts/articles about the race:

    And here some youtubes about the race and enduro riding in Indonesia.

    They seem to have great fun.

    MP-Terveisin HIKO
  2. Amazing, So many Still Missing! Not My idea of Fun but fair play to them for having a Go!
  3. Wow, sounds like quite a challenge. Sad to hear of the passing of the Aussie but the article says he had a history of heart trouble...

    Says the course was 124km long. Guess it was not well marked if that many people got hopelessly lost...

    Reminder to self, carry a spot tracker if riding enduro in remore Kalimantan!!

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