Ban Chian Archeological Museum

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    About an hour easy ride south of Udon Thani towards Sakon Nakhon in the Nong Han district is the Ban Chiang display.
    Well worth the detour if you visit the area.

    Ban Chiang is considered to have been the principal settlement in this area of the Khorat plateau and has given its name to a distinctive archaeological culture. Scores of contemporary sites have been discovered in the region, at several of which excavations have been carried out. The prehistoric settlement lies beneath the modern village of Ban Chiang (established by Laotian refugees in the late 18th century). It is a low oval mound some 500m by 1.3km. Only very limited excavation has been possible in the settlement site, but this has established the existence of deep stratification and long cultural continuity.

    The main excavations have taken place on the perimeter of the modem village, where a large number of burials from all three periods, with rich ceramic and metal grave-goods, have been revealed and recorded. One of the excavations has been preserved for public viewing, with a permanent cover building: there is an excellent site museum in another part of the village.

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    Thailand has its strong history which show to the people through museums. Different museums are establishment by the Govt of Thailand to show its culture to the foreigner as well as local people. They are also source for the attraction of tourism and boost them at every year.
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    The problem with Thai Tourist attractions is ..... first you see signs "Attraction 50km" and you follow that for 45km and then the signs are gone and nobody local has ever heard of it.
    Or the attraction can be found but was closed 10 years ago.
    Or the attraction consists of 20 stones that were once a part of a Khmer temple (the other stones are probably used to build houses).
    Or the signs says "Waterfall 5km" and after 5km there is an signs "Waterfall left" and no mountain in sight.

    The good thing is that you come somewhere that you did not plan. I like surprises!

    And you know what I am still pissed of I had to pay 200thb for a bloody National Park that consists of a road from A to B and goes thru an National Park.

    Chang Noi

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