Ban Rak Thai

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  1. What a sensational place! A highly recommended ride. Great trip back in time seeing the descendants of the Kuomintang and far less touristy than places like Doi Mae Salong

    A must stay place for mine is Valley House, run by the family of a senior Kuomintang officer. Jesse is the grandson's name and the creative genius behind the guesthouse. 500bht and above for a truly unique place... And the coffee is excellent! IMG_20170805_170525. IMG_20170806_084916. IMG_20170805_174028. IMG_20170805_170525. IMG_20170806_084916. IMG_20170805_174028.
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  2. Less than a kilometer from the Burmese border, it's a good place to take pics and enjoy a glimpse across the border. The Thai soldiers allowed us to walk up to their camp and take pictures but weren't keen on even us walking a few metres across the checkpoint IMG_20170806_154713. IMG_20170806_155058. IMG_20170806_155459. IMG_20170806_155403.
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